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F1: Rain dampens spirits as qualifying is delayed

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Nik Hughes, Mar 16, 2013.

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  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    The only plus is that the qualy starts at a good time for me. I really hope that in the future they will not delay any more sessions because of a bit of rain. The gentlemen are paid a pretty good salary to practice their hobby and F1 is never without danger anyways.

    Wasn't it Ecclestone that came with the idea to have an artificial wet race in some countries to add to the excitement? :)
  3. I agree. There wasn't enough water on the track to cancel the qualy. I've recently re-watched F1 season reviews from the 80's and 90's where they proceeded with the sessions even though the tracks was flooded.
    Now I have to stay up until 1am to see the qualy and then up again at 7am to see the race. On top of that, my three months old son sleeps very 'loudly' at night which wakes me up every hour or so. Even though, I'm still looking very much forward for the first race of the season.
  4. this is really funny..they could have gone on inters not wets and completed enough laps to qualify..
  5. It wasn't because of the rain only. But FIA's connection to the cars steeringwheels didn't work. so if a yellow flag came up, they would not be able to letting the driver know by the display. I know I know. Why is that even needed, I don't know that :D seems stupid, but im sure they had their reasons.
  6. so what..years ago they didnt have that..everything has to be digital..lol what happened to the old classic waved flags
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  7. For me it's the worst thing possible.. Can't stay out all night (show to do in the evening, need to have my usual 101% sleep to be at 95% performance level, rest is up to moon position in the sky...), qualy starts 2am and the race 7am local time... Then again, i've done so many show after 24h of work, maybe i'm okay being a bit dazed...