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F1 2016 Modding Questions Thread

Discussion in 'F1 2016 Mods' started by Graham Laing, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
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    This thread is for F1 2015 modding questions only.

    If you have technical questions, please post in this thread and nowhere else. Thanks :)
  2. How to mod F1 2016 - Walktrough

    Hey guys, so I just found out that it is still possible to mod skins and colours of car liverys or something else of the game.
    This Walktrough should help you, to learn how to export and import your mods into the game and make them work.

    What do I need for modding?

    - a graphic design program .. for example Photoshop
    - the actual Ego ERP Archiver, you can find it here:/http://www.petartasev.com/modding/ego-engine/erp-archiver/

    Let us say, we want to edit the car paint of the Ferrari livery. This walktrough should work also for the other graphic content like decals, umbrellas etc. This is just an example.

    Let's start

    1. searching for the file

    So we first need the ferrari.erp file, which we have to find first. This file is located in this path:
    /F1 2016/asset_groups/f1_2016_vehicle_package/teams/ferrari/wep
    There you have the ferrari.erp file. ((((Make a backup of the original one!))))

    2. open the .erp file and export the graphic

    Now you need the ERP Archiver to open up your ferrari.erp file. Once you are in the ERP just click on "File" > "Open", then open up your ferrari.erp file. Once it is loaded, there should now show up a lot of content. The file we need is called "ferrari_paint.tga". If you found it click on it, then click on "Archive" > "Export Texture". Export the "ferrari_paint.tga.dds" to a place you want, for example the Desktop. Leave the ERP Archiver open in the background.

    3. editing your graphic file

    So now it is your turn. Open the "ferrari_paint.tga.dds" with a program like Photoshop and edit it the way you want. Once you have done that, save it. ((((It has to be the same format, in this case .tga.dds!))))

    4. import the "ferrari_paint.tga.dds" back to the "ferrari.erp"

    Go back to your ERP Archiver and click again on "Archive" > "Import Texture", and select your "ferrari_paint.tga.dds".

    5. save

    Once you have done that, you are nearly ready to play. The last step is to save the ferrari.erp. Just click on "File" > "Save".

    6. Have fun :)

    I hope this walktrough helped you to getting better into the modding of this game.

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  3. Would this allow me to edit my career driver helmet as well and if so, which file can I find it in?
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  4. I didn't try helmets yet, but I think so, technically yes. But the helmets are not located in the, for example ferrari.erp. They are located somewhere else, I dind't watch for it until now.
  5. I went through the files and it seems that the file formats for the helmets is not .erp but mipmap.
  6. Managed to open the helmet textures, Tried to edit it and put it back in the game by renaming the file type to ".mipmaps".

    All I get is glitched texture for career helmets when I play the game, haven't tried the other drivers' helmets though. Is there any proper way to convert it back to .mipmaps? @aowzone
  7. fluffydave, did you find out where your current career helmet is stored? I wan't to look into editing it? Does anyone know if they store a specific version for the tweaks you make ingame when you pick it?
  8. realitychecked


    F1 2016\character_package\drivers\male
    It doesn't store specific versions, your settings are saved in the game. In my case, all helmet textures and miscellaneous look very pixelated/blurry, corrupted looking. I suppose this has to do with the alpha channels?
  9. That seems to be the case with this year in-game customizable helmets. Alpha channels allow different colors to be changed and stored in the game, this makes helmet texture editing impossible unless someone figures something out.

    Edit: see forum for helmet modding progress
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  10. So i've had a dabble at these files as well, wondering what the career helmet for each team is for? Other than gloves, there is a base helmet layer. Any chance changing that has an effect? I've managed to export them but no luck injecting them back into the game...
  11. CW.


    Great Guide!
    I thought it would be a while until we saw any livery moddding breakthrough because of the .mipmaps, I never thought about the wep file
  12. realitychecked


    You won't find anything else other the the car textures on the erp files. But whatever.
  13. How do you open a Mipmaps file? Because I found a file who called "Agent Natalie" and I want to know who that is

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  14. Ty for help
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  15. Hi, I have a problem with the skin by putting advertising is me bug and put into blue suspensions etc.
  16. I could only get up to step 3 because the exported file looks like this:

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  17. Is there any way to convert f1 2015 skins to 2016? Personal use only.
  18. so I guess you have a problem with importing the texture back?
  19. When I Change the sponsors (sauber_decal.tga), the car looks violet and blue, the color are bugged. How can I solve that?