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Featured F1 2014 The Game Released

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Bram, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    F1 2014 The Game Released.jpg
    Codemasters has released their annual Formula 1 game. After Japan now also European fans of the most popular form of motorsport can play the game on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

    The 2014 FORMULA ONE™ season has been one of the most exciting seasons in years, with stunning new cars, new rules, new circuits and new challengers up and down the grid – and players can experience it all as F1 2014 races into stores today.

    F1 2014 takes players closer to the experience of racing this year’s dramatically different cars. A new driver evaluation system and re-graded difficulty settings makes F1 2014 the most accessible video game in the series, and players of all abilities will be able to feel how this new generation of FORMULA ONE cars handle.

    F1 2014 includes all the seismic rule changes, aerodynamics, driver changes, new tracks and more which have combined to deliver an unforgettable FORMULA ONE season. F1 2014 also includes the return of Hockenheim to the calendar, and players can experience the BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX™ run as a night race for the first time and race new circuits in Russia and Austria.

    Community mods add value

    Our active community modders have already started working on various projects to enhance the gaming experience for PC players. In our download section you'll find brand new up-to-date helmets, car liveries and various other modifications.

    Race online like a boss
    RaceDepartment hosts a couple of long running online F1 series for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This great group of organizers and racers are ready to welcome new- and old-comers to their various series. Sign-ups have already started so hurry up and check them out here.

    Or maybe you aren't interested in racing just for the points but are looking for a more social type of racing. Schedule and setup your own racing club events for other members and start the fun here.

    Let us help you with F1 car setups
    RaceDepartment is keeping up with an annual tradition: Since 2010 we have provided a free to use service to the Codemasters community by providing top notch racing setups and this year will be no different.

    If setting up your car is not something you are accustomed to, let us help you out. Here are some useful links that have helped hundreds of thousands of players during the last five years.

    Setups for all F1 cars on all tracks under all conditions
    F1 2014 Setups
    F1 2013 Setups
    F1 2012 Setups
    F1 2011 Setups
    F1 2010 Setups

    Setups Directory
    Handy one page overview of all setups.
    F1 2014 Directory
    F1 2013 Directory
    F1 2012 Directory

    Setup Guide
    A handy guide guide explaining the basics of setting up a virtual racing car can be downloaded here

    F1 2014 Photos and Videos
    Our extensive media gallery is a special section where premium members can share their videos and photos. The best ones will immediately be shared via our social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to thousands of subscribers.
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  2. Hey Guys,

    I was wondering if this version was worth it? I don't have 2013 on my PC, and from some of the reviews I have read they are saying it is sort of a re-skin. The latest version of F1 I have is 2011!

    I am not trying to start an argument, I am genuinely curious.
  3. Great lead off post Bram!

    Wonderful reference post for the game and it's fans.

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  4. This game apart from the cars is a carbon copy of 2013... all the same errors, glitches, misrepresentation etc are still present ! + the new issues that haven't been dealt with for 2014 version (example : Monza).
  5. This game is rubbish

    (ie. Unlogical & Unrealistic AI Times)
  6. Sory Codemasters Not anymore ............
  7. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia


    Mod-edit: dude what on earth are you complaining about when you don't even own a legal copy of the game #fail
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  8. JeanYves Samson

    JeanYves Samson

    Hi guys! Sorry to disturb you.. I have a couple questions for you... I love the Lotus Exos 125s1 on Assetto and GTR2, and I also like their physical aspects. I would like to know if the F1 2014 is an arcade or simulator type of game. Is it similar to Assetto and GTR2? Thank you for your response and have a good race....
  9. MrPix

    Project Immersion

    Its a sim-cade and a great one in my opinion... on hardest all aids off difficulty, it feels good... not as a sim, but as a playable, enjoyable game online in multiplayer.

    It feels right compared to F1 2013, which was way too 'cade' rather than 'sim' ..'14 is a good enjoyable compromise.

    On fanatic gear with FFB set accordingly, it feels like a game I can be interested in

    Its not as easy as the AC Exos, or as difficult as GTR2 with all aids off...
  10. I thought about it, but I didn't buy it. It's really not worth the money if you already have 2013. The only reason to get it would be Sochi and Red Bull ring.

    Maybe later, if they have a sale.
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  11. Why can I never drive the Lotus on these games? :( Last time was 2012 I was in Lotus, but I was faster in a caterham then I was in Lotus. Then now in 2014 with Lotus, I can't even beat marussia or Caterham in Melbourne.. Its like there is a curse over me and Lotus on career:(
  12. airutonpurosuto8912


    :confused: Does the Lotus Exos exist on GTR2? :p
  13. seems like they have changed the no safety car first 3 laps. Im att Australia in career mode, and got safety car on lap 2
  14. It's a reskin of the 2013 version with less features, the ffb and handling is **** and graphics is as poor as it was back in 2010 sadly :(
  15. That dream will come true in a few days (or weeks) through Steam... Maybe even lower (like 66% off...). It's not like I don't have the full price in cash right next to me. I sure do, and right now... but the product they're selling is only worth 33% or less of what they're asking for.
  16. JeanYves Samson

    JeanYves Samson

    Thanks guys ! for all the comment ... Hi Corrado...
  17. My career season is starting to be really frustrating :( Im always one of the fastest in practice. But than the AI turn up the pace in each sesion after that and I cant follow that... Like bahrain:
    Practice: 1st
    Q1: 9th
    Q2: 12th

    I dont know what to do to get faster in qualifying... There is always 1 sector the AI take like 0.5-1sec, like Australia sector 3 and bahrain sector 1...
  18. Richard Charles

    Richard Charles

    Worst game ever. Seems like Codemasters put about a weeks worth of effort in to it. If you haven't purchased it yet, PLEASE DON'T. Codemasters, please stop embarrassing yourself.
  19. I read that they even took out KERS? Is that true?
  20. there is no KERS in the new FIA regulations for 2014.
    but there is ERS which is a better version of KERS
    (Lasts 33sec, and gives 160bhp)
    but its not there in the new game, in real life you can control it, (recharging it, or deploying it) but in the game Codies said its there but it work auto, BUT there is no ERS.

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