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F1 2014, Project Cars, rFactor2

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by James Wilson, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. James Wilson

    James Wilson
    Premium Member

    I am going to get one of these titles, but i can only get one. F1 2014 is tempting because its the next in the series for F1 games and has the new cars, Preordering project cars is tempting because it looks great however im not sure about its handling considering their last 2 games, and rfactor2 is tempting because of its tire and road technology and obviously more leagues are turning to it.

    PM Me with any feedback you want to give please, Thanks in advance
  2. Well the first question is: What do you want out of it? Since rF2 is radically different from the other 2, are you interested in something you can just get in and go, or a hardcore sim that you have to work on technique with many hours of practice?
  3. James Wilson

    James Wilson
    Premium Member

    Im looking for fun factor overall :)
  4. project cars is easily the best & safest overall package...you'd be crazy to go w/ f1 2014 imo & rf2 doesnt really aim for fun factor at all.
  5. ^^^ Yeah, what he said.
  6. Im planning on skipping F1 2014. I would definitely go with Project Cars, which im looking forward to try in my PS4! F1 2015 is one that I am willing to consider when more details are released. I don't have a high end PC so thats why I would go with Project Cars rather than RFactor 2
  7. ouvert

    Premium Member

    i would wait how Project Cars will end up and decide after it is released (in two months I guess) ..
  8. James Wilson

    James Wilson
    Premium Member

    Thanks for the feedback guys :)