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Tracks f1 2014 mod Hockenheim fix [Deleted]

Discussion in 'F1 2013 Mods' started by Lesley Buurlage, Dec 7, 2013.

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  1. lesleyyb submitted a new resource:

    hockenheim for 2013 - hockenheim for 2013

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  2. You can fix the sky by taking the tod.dat and tod.xml files from Nurburgring circuit files (or any circuit files really...different ones I believe will alter the location of where the sun, and therefore lighting, is)

    Have any input on how to fix the sensitivity of the penalty system there? I can't make it down the long straight without getting dangerous driving penalties to the point where it crashes to desktop
    Only thing I've done is replacing the CTF files with the F1 2013 Nurburgring ctf files, still need to adjust AI's racing line, but I can't because it crashes on me. Even in practice I can't get a flying lap in because I get suspended for dangerous driving if I keep it at full throttle down the long straight I can't imagine the CTF files causing the crash; the track wouldn't load if there was a problem with them. I had this issue in F1 2012 when importing the Nurburgring track. If the CTF files are incorrectly formatted the game crashes while loading the track, rather than while racing.
  3. Didn't have had that kind of an issue, i use the original ctf files and it works without problems
  4. You must...
    I just reinstalled completely, adjusted the database, installed this mod...same issue. No other mods installed. As well, if you use the included CTF files, the floor of the car drags along sparking like crazy.
  5. Strange :cautious: i haven't experienced all ofthis issues except from that you start with too much fuel
  6. gracias
  7. I dont suppose this is the original blast through the forest hockenheim?
  8. You mean the classic hockenheim? No
  9. ah, so sad.
  10. Video???
  11. Its just like the other hockenheim mod this is just a re-upload but it should look something like this:
  12. function not ;(
  13. More specific please
  14. Guys Installation help plzzzzz, in a proper way :)
  15. lesleyyb updated Hockenheim with a new update entry:

    f1 2014 mod hockenheim fix

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  16. i just get dsq by driving normaly
  17. Don't forget to install the difficulties folder, otherwise you will be disqualifeid yes
  18. i put all the files that where in the hockenheim fix to my f1 2013 folder..
  19. Damn, why there are always issues i didn't experienced !!! I will look if i gave the right folder
  20. one question.. when i install all 3 track fixes will all 3 work than or only the last that i put into my f1 2013 folder ?
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