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F1 2012 - SLI-Pro - Flags?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jessun, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. I have got the hang of most of the Max Manager, and use the F1 2012 Plugin and slipro_F1_2012_api_v2.sli but I fail to get flags to work.

    Should this be possible in F1 2012?

    I've assigned LEDs, and tried RESETLEDGREENFLAG in both true and false...

    Also I don't get any Kers info. I think it comes up with E400 - looks like an error code to me.

    The LED's work, and the SLI test runs just fine.

    Finally, sometimes you hear in the game that so and so is running Max Revs. What can I do with that info??? I can't adjust max revs can I??

    Thanks for looking :)
  2. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Does it count down if youre's using KERS? 400 is the amount of KERS you have for each lap, so it could be that this is just the amount left because you didn't use it yet.
  3. I'd love it if it was that simple! I jumped to conclusion way too soon... I'll try that right away!

    Any ideas about flag LEDs?
  4. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    I don't have any Leo Bodnar displays, so I can't be of much help in that regard - the KERS thing just sprung to my eye. :)
  5. OK, tried your idea then and you were right! :) I need to be a bit more thorough with testing stuff out before screaming for help :geek: .
    The flags are a mystery still....

  6. Hi,

    Even with the API V.2 the flags dont work with the Sli-pro. Thats in the changelog btw.
    Kers need to be setup either to show in percentage or on the rpm leds ( first five will decrease while pressin Kers).

    At the end i just can say the EK simsoftware is really great but not easy to understand. You need todo many tests to find your verry own setup. I work on mine for weeks before it went where i want it. Also each game need a seperate setup within EK software.

    Good Luck mate

    Greets Kai / Modmate
  7. Thanks for that info Kai!

    I'll await an update then, but perhaps the "fault" lies with Codemasters and there's no data sent for these events. F1 2013 perhaps?:p

    Got some rotary encoders today from Leo to complete the wheel. I'll also change the NKK's for Knitter for a slightly better feel and fit.

  8. Jessun , I was able to set up sliro in breze - advance option on the V2 F12012 and choose quick info button display on right to be KERS
    left to be SPEED.

    assign your Quick info button to be the KERS button in game.
  9. Looking good there!!! Nice work :)