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F1 2012 Helmet Replacement Mod by dödel VERSION 4.1/WITH MENU ICONS

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by panande, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. panande

    Premium Member

    Helmet Mod V5.0 by dödel

    Replaces the helmets 1-47 with:​
    1-24 Original Drivers​
    25-28 Young Driver Test Drivers​
    29-47 Modder Helmets (RianSpeed,pmgl71,yoshikanji)​

    Big Thanks to RianSpeed,pmgl71, yoshikanji and Tino Ahola for their Permission on implementing their helmets into the Mod!​
    V2.0: Included Menu Icons​
    V3.0: Included YDT Helmets and Icons​
    V3.1: Fixed the Petrov Helmet and the A.Rossi Menu Icon​
    V4.0: Included RianSpeed Helmets
    V4.1: Included Rians McLaren Career Helmet​
    V5.0: Full package 47 Helmets (pmgl71,yoshikanji, Tino Ahola added)​
    New Fonts​
    Also please leave a comment in this thread and tell me which helmet you want to have, in the all new overwrite package, which will be released on Christmas! You can submit a suggestion till the 10.12 and then in the following 20 Days you will be voting for the Top 10 Favorites which will be in the Overwrite Package!

    Installation: C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\SteamApps\common​

    Have a nice race and as always, please dont steal my work. Thank you!

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  2. panande

    Premium Member

    News: The ugly LCD fonts will be removed and replaced by new better fonts!
  3. panande

    Premium Member

    News 07.11.2012: hei1026 helmets will be in the next Update!
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  4. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson
    Purposely breaking rule 8 is cheating...... Premium Member

    Thanks. Great mod.:thumbsup:
  5. I do not have folder SteamApps in my steam folder. What do I do?
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  6. Is f1 2012/characters/bespokehelmets
  7. panande

    Premium Member

    News 09.11.2012: pmgl71 just gave me his permission on using his helmets in my mod!
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  8. Looks like a great idea. Thank you.
  9. panande

    Premium Member

    News 10.11.2012: I decided to move the release date forward! Its now the 15.11.2012 and the MGP Helmet by yoshikanji is in the 5.0!
  10. panande

    Premium Member

    News 14.11.2012: All 47 Helmets are now filled! Enjoy Update V5.0 tomorrow!
    And as there are plenty of helmets to come, I decided to release the first Overwrite Package in December, which will overwrite some helmets but will also then have helmets which YOU can choose! Leave a reply in this thread till 10.12.2012 and say which helmet you want and why! In the following 20 days you have the chance to vote for the most wanted helmets and the top 10 will be in the package!
  11. Gracias tio buen trabajo.
  12. panande

    Premium Member

    News 15.11.2012: V5.0 is out!!!
  13. thank you, very good job
  14. Looks fantastic! downloading now. thanks.
  15. hey dude ow do i change the menu icons and add text i no how to change them but when i open it in photoshop the background is black so the text has gone and i cant add mine basicly i want to change the trollface helmet to my own career helmet and add my last name under it for myself only help would be great cheers :)
  16. Thanks for all the hard work (also for the modders) :thumbsup:
  17. Cool !! Really really cool !!.. i like it,, thx i dodel, i think i must Download It !!;):thumbsup:
  18. Would be better if there were all helmets from Hamilton, Vettel, Schumacher, etc. ...
  19. panande

    Premium Member

    Then download Freyks Mod! This one is intended to have the helmets for every driver!
  20. How install? Thx