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F1 2011 Trophy's & Achievement's?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Littleremco01, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. So ofcourse there are giong to be Trophy's and Achievement's in the Game.

    i hope you guys could think of some trophy's they are giong to put in the game,
    Take it away!
  2. Cause your Teammate to crash out of teh race - "Pulling a Red Bull"

    get 3 consecutive spins within 3 seconds - Which way was I going?

    as a williams crash yourself out of the race into a ferrari which continues. - Nooo my 300th...

    Complete a 100% length race - only 25 more laps :p

    Complete a entire season's worth of 100% races - Am I Done Yet?

    Score a lap record within the top 1000 - Have fun holding your place.

    Grand Slam - Best in practice(s), Pole, all laps lead during race.

    Hat Trick - Best in practice(s), Pole, Race Win

    Obtain a flat, pit, lose x places, regain original position within x laps. (like a boss) - The Kubica

    Go 200 through the bottom of Eau Rouge - Spinal Compression

    all I can think of for now.
  3. Here's some I've fought up........
    Get airborne-Rudderless Russian/Flying Fin/Flying Fanatic 5G
    Finish your first season in F1- Rockie no more 20G
    Best in practice(s), Pole, Race Win and fastest lap- Clean sweep 10G
    Win a race from 18th and below- Drive of a life time 15G
    Complete 100 races in career- Experience is everything 20G
    lose a bit of your front wing and do a better lap time- Flying without wings 5G
    Get pole in any game mode by over a second- Untouchable 10G
    Earn over £20,000,000 in career mode- Plenty to spare 20G
  4. Win a championship in career mode on hardest diffuculty with everything switched off e.g. gears, pit limiter, no racing line, no ABS, and dynamic weather. I would call it, LEGEND for 70 to 125G
  5. James Chant

    James Chant

    This already exists in the current game.
  6. I agree with Get Airboure - Rudderless Russian... Brilliance :D
  7. You got a liscence ? - crash out of a race
    Know the rules ? - overtake a car during yellow flags/safety car
    As good as Schu - Win 7 championships
    Ram-ilton - crash into your team-mate, ending your race
    Crazy - overtake a car into Lowes Hairpin
    Catch me if you can - get pole by over a second
  8. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Ramilton. Brilliant. :)
  9. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    It Ain't Over... - Take the lead on the final lap of the race.
    Move Over - Complete 50 overtaking manoeuvres in one season.
    Outta My Way! -. Complete 100 overtaking manoeuvres in one season.
    Keeping Up - Complete a 20% distance race on expert difficulty with Hispania, without getting Blue Flagged/Lapped
    107% - Make the 107% cutoff in every race in your first season.
    Endurance - Win a 100% distance race on expert difficulty.
    Squeeky Clean - Complete a whole season with full flags/rules without receiving any penalties.
  10. I like the overtaking ones :) :inlove:
  11. I hope they are similar to last time. I prefer easy platinum than having to be stressed about platinum'ing it.
  12. Here are some others.....
    Get a penalty and win the race- Unstoppable 20G
    Win a race in a team lotus car- Return of the heritage 15G
    Overtake a car when your 25 meters behind them breaking for a corner without contact or running off the road- Banzai braking 5G
    In a career season win the championship after taking pole and the win at Monza, Monaco, Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone- Pinnacle of a career 30G
    1st world championship- win the world championship 25G
    Win your second world championship- a match for Alonso 37G
    Win your third world championship- In the elite 53G
    Win 7 world championships- A match for Schumacher 100G

    And some others :)
    Don't go off the track,get any penalties, or make contact with any one and win the race- Perfectionist 10G
    Don't go off the track,get any penalties, or make contact with any one and win the race in an online event- Online Perfectionist 15G
    Win a race when your a number two driver in career mode-Not bad for a number two driver 10G
    Get pole four times in a row in career mode-Quadruplet 20G
    Get pole and win in every race in career mode in a single season-Total domination 100G
    Use DRS to make a successful overtake-The streamed machine 15g
    Use K.E.R.S make a successful overtake-The power of the button 15g
    Use DRS and K.E.R.S together to make a successful overtake- 25g
  13. Some interesting tidbits...

    Co-Op Drivers' Champion - Win the Drivers Championship in a Co-op Season

    [Co-op mode? That wasn't there before, was it?]

    Trophy Collector - Win a Race at each of the 19 Circuits in any game mode
    [No Bahrain...]

    Opportunist - Perform a Pit-stop during a Safety Car Period

    [So the safety car is there after all?]
  14. No, but te new track in India would replace it.
  15. how about 'thank F**k for that' 100G - Stop Vettel from winning the championship! lol
  16. There was going to be 20 races this season, Bahrain would not be replaced by [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Buddh International Circuit in India because it was already in the calendar.
    Thank God Bahrain choose not to host a race this season because of the unrest in the country, it's such a boring race. All that's left now is to banish the European GP!
  17. Thats what I meant that the India circuit TECHNICALLY is replacing Bahrain for this season.
  18. Why banish Euro GP. Don't you want to see Webber grabbing wings anymore? :eek:
  19. These aren't achievements though, if you were a racing driver, you wouldn't get applauded for hitting your team mate, breaking the rules or crashing out of a race