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F1 2011 The Game - Community Update (2)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Scott Webber, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Once a week we will be bringing you the hottest stuff going down for mods, race videos, setups and much more what is happening right here at your number one community for Codemasters F1 2011 The Game.

    The PS3 club heads to South Korea this Wednesday. Eager to get right into the action. enroll yourself now before the grid lineup becomes full. Furthermore the club are also heading to Budapest to race on the wonderful circuit of the Hungaroring. The race takes place on Sunday 16th October.
    After letting their hair down in the fun races, they get stuck in with some serious competitive racing in the Official RD PS3 league forums. The league kicks of on November 6th, with sign ups closing on November 4th. Limited slots are still available

    On the PC side of the club the racers are going straight into the fight some drivers will be heading to Spain and Turkey. Both circuits known for high speed and tricky corners.

    Xbox 360 club is heading to the famous circuit with a new pit wing, it's Silverstone. Join these racers for what is going to be an exciting race. Turkey is becoming rather popular, once again a bunch of racers are heading to the circuit to compete in what is going to be a challenging race.

    Chosen by you, we give you the top 3 mods of the week. First of all RDDev has been officially releasing their All Teams Gloves HD mod here. Secondly the same talented team released the improved tyres 2011 mod. Last but not least falcon444 released his AI mod that you definitely should be checking out.
    We can't stress this enough. Always backup your orginal files when installing any of our modifications on the site.

    The F1 2011 track guides are brought to you by James Chant and glight. These guides are not to be missed as they go into real depth, following the new addition this season following the return of KERS and DRS. Where is the best place to use these and get the full advantage from these cool gadget? Time to check out the the track guide directory or head over to the setup section in the forum to find the latest time trail and race setups. By now hundreds of different sets have been posted!

    Stay tuned for next weeks edition. Your recomendations for mods and videos are more then welcome, please private message me with details or post them in the comments below.

    Go much deeper into the game by visiting our F1 2011 The Game forums for the best online casual club and high quality league races, support, setups, mods and of course awesome videos created by the community.
  2. The link to Falcons AI mod is broken! Please fix! thx
  3. fonix, i just checked it , works perfectly fine for me.
  4. Hi Scott! When I click on the AI mod link it still says "Invalid File ID" thx
  5. can i join the xbox 360 championship please.
  6. Go to the correct forums russel and ask in the Questions thread, you'll get a response ASAP.
  7. How often will there be the next Track Guide Directory available please. Love what you posted for how to get round Melb & Malay but waiting for China now! Thanks :)
  8. probably once every 1-2 weeks, it isn't me making the track guides, it is gnlight :)
  9. How can i change the wing angle on the car. The engineer says i can. In a dry race it started raining so i went into the pits but got slicks and spun out of a good race. Can i choose inters or wets on the fly in the race.:cool: