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F1 2011 Pros and Cons - My Review

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Scott Webber, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    This is the first time I've ever done something like this so cut me some slack haha.

    F1 2011 Got Delivered today by my Suprise, thanks to the great service at coolshop , Installing the Game Excitement get's the better of me and i bang my foot on a pole by mistake, not a good start to a Game which is going to be challenging to race on.

    After a short 5 Minute Installation I set up my Logitech Pro-filer , Head in to Game i set my Graphics to Max and Assign all my Steering Wheel Buttons , ok everything is in check.

    I load into game and clearly impressed by the polished Loading screen and menu's, with a big smile on my face im eager to test the game's new handling out..... So i load in and on the track, to my amazement i am gosmacked by what i am faced with, The settings we're all over the place for the Steering Wheel, every setting similar to F1 2010 i used, only to find out it's the complete Opposite in this game!

    After 1 hour of Testing i finally get a Setup im comfortable with for the Logitech G27, My Test Starts at Monza, zooming down to the first corner im amazed at how late you can actually brake now, tyres locking up so easy smoke coming off all 4 wheels, i hit the kerb and glide over, going down to Turn 3 i notice a major mistake already by CM, the Fantastic looking Red White and Green Kerbs are not there, they are the Standard Red and White once again.


    My First Stint of the game goes without a hitch, very impressed by the Braking , Handling and the new Gadgets we now have DRS & KERS, Eager to test them out i head Straight into a Race Online!

    One of the RD Member's Ermanno Cargofiglo Kindly Invited me to a race, i happily Accepted, my first game online i was doubting my ability to even grab a competitive time with 9 other people in the Room we soon got down to business, immediatly i noticed a very neat Feature "Live Tracker"

    Using this feature to my Advantage i hop out when it's clear on Track, the first lap i start to warm up my tyres, it took me around 30 seconds to completely warm them up with some hard Braking in between to get everything tip top for a Hot Lap.

    Starting my Hot Lap i take Full Advantage of the DRS and deploy it going down the Start/Finish Straight, i noticed a big increase and skeptical of running off i brake 10 metres earlier then normal, it worked out well that i landed 5th in GRID Position.

    on my way to use both DRS & KERS during lap 2 of the Race , Speeding to Turns 10 & 11 i brake very late and turn in perfect quickly turning my wheel right setting myself up for the next corner(Turn 11) , speeding through here full throttle the car loses the backend and spins off, i found out if you ease the throttle just alittle it's less twitchy through the high speed corner's, going full throttle through a fast corner even if your capable of doing it you risk spinning of and wrecking your car.


    After The Race i reflected on my short Experience so far, and i have to say the game has beaten my expectations, CodeMaster's done a Good job on Handling and adding in some crucial Features.

    However not everything is plain sailing, let's move onto the Pros and the Cons of F1 2011 i have noticed so far

    Normally i would Start with the Pros, but i'll start with the Cons first for once.


    Starting up your game if you [ Hit ] Enter on the Keyboard you will find yourself having to re-select the "custom" profile in the Driving Controls ( a small glitch but very irritating )

    DRS & KERS are a new Feature for F1 , and a new feature codemaster's have never added in any of their games before, the con is the DRS Simply give's you far to much speed when you use it ( it's been slightly over done )

    AI are still not upto Scratch , Having been Improved they are more intelligent but still not Aggressive enough, it has also been Reported they have been in some very unrealistic lap time's in Career mode.

    Car Mirrors
    - Having sat in a few cars so far i couldn't help but Notice How Poorly the mirrors have been done, the Reflection is still horrible just like it was in F1 2010 , seeing the car behind you in the mirrors is still very hard to do.
    Time Trial- When you first start the Time Trial in WET you automatically have Intermediates on Despite it being 100% Rain in TT Mode, you have no option from what i can see to even change to FULL WET's , this is happening on Melbourne


    Friendly FPS in the game

    Live Tracker , Spectate Mode now available when your out of a race , Better Handling , improved Graphics.

    Improved Sound, the downshifting is ever so more noticeable having it's own distinctive Sound which definitely helps you downshift.

    Track is more realistic

    Multilayer - Server Browser is now Available

    Race Incident Feature - Check who has Crashed and for what Reasons (much more indepth)

    We have the nurburgring

    New Lobby Layout which is much more Details

    All Sector times are now showing up!

    We have Pit Girls.

    RD F1 2011 League's are coming on all Platforms!

    No FULL WETS During Time Trial in 100% Wet Weather ( Melbourne)


    Everything which has been said in this Thread is My Opinion.
  2. First of all, nice review :) Can't wait to drive myself on Monday!

    Well, at least my wheel is kind of blocking my keyboard so I will not e tempted to hit Enter..

    Whoa, nobody mentioned that, what exactly do you mean? More girls than the two standing between the motor homes like in 2010?:D
  3. thanx for the review! really nice BUT you have forgotten to mention another very impoortant improvement over f1 2010: much better engine sounds and especially the downshifting!!!
  4. is F12011Laps your own channel? if so... i subbed :)
  5. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Im gonna record a few laps over 3 screens to show how much you guys are missing out on :p
  6. Your right, i totally missed out the Sound, i'll add it in, i did mention it in the video but not the review, thank you.

    It is my channel indeed, just liek F12010Laps which was a success too.

    This one i'll be more constant with videos.

    Thank you guy's for the words.
  7. Where is the option to switch between DX9 and Dx11? Is it in-game?
    I just know about changing the hardware settings config file to true or false

    Edit: Ok, I saw a video of the game menus and noticed the DX Version option in the Graphics menu, though I don't have it in my game. Weird.
  8. James Robertson

    James Robertson
    Premium Member

    Nice review scott.

    I had my first online race tonight, i will be lucky to make group 4..................i was 10 seconds of the pace.

    No helped by the fact that i cant easily reach the kers button, and my flappy paddles dont move with the wheel.

    Whats the theory when using kers, is it best to use it to power out of corners just before long straights....I havent a clue
  9. Thanks m8, I use KERS for Exiting a corner if im slow on the Exit and i use it on Straights sometimes, it is mainly for corner's tho.

    Richard , the option is In-Game in the Graphics Settings... you can chosoe between DX9 & DX11.
  10. Nice review there Scott. Ive been having fun today getting to grips with it all. Now my G27 seems to be fairly well dialled in, I just need to learn how the hell to set a car up good :D
  11. Thanks, Scott. I don't appear to have that option in-game at all! Oh well.

    Nice review mate
  12. Good job Scott on your 1st review. You can definately be more aggressive with these cars, i found with 2010 i had to be quite "delicate" with acceleration and turning in. You can now brake insanely late! Although the handling is still not perfect, CM have done the right thing with the rear end of the car ie. you get ample warning of it coming around to chat with the front end AND it seems the "feature" of 2010 where you could hit the brakes to stop a car spinning has gone...thankyou CM !!

    A couple of disappointing things...
    1. I wish after qualy your car went into parc ferme conditions - not able to alter the car such as gear ratios, wings etc etc just like the real f1.
    2. The game seems a bit more arcade like now with the extra aggression you can use, around corners especially.
    3. Going into the pits. More automated now than ever as far as i can see.

    It's early days though. I've only played it for about 3 hours so far. KERS and DRS are fun although so much more to think about during a lap. My brain may explode and my right thumb will likely cramp up at some point from over use haha
  13. Also T14 at Singapore in P2 is wrong as well [​IMG]

    *runs & hides*
  14. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Nice work Scott.
    Still waiting for my copy so this is good homework for me!
  15. check out -

    http://www.youtube.com/user/F12011Laps for the Videos ... fun fun fun!
  16. ROFL, true. Also, Vettel doesn't change helmet after every win, and the champagne spilled at Rascasse between Quali and the race this year appears to be missing. Vital extra grip!