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f1 2011 cameras

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by nrthee2, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Can anyone create a camera just like in the original formula1 on TV?? thanks a lot!
  2. no. Afraid not.
  3. not unless Codemasters release a camera editor, i bet they do them for net years release, they said it was to much work to put in this years game, what do they think we are paying them for, the same stuff updated a little each year ! People have been asking for tv style replays since before the the release of Dirt2. Come on CM get your act together
  4. Oh relax, they have one year to create everything you think that's easy? They can't add everything in one year, and if they did what would they do for the year after that, nothing, then you'd start complaining again.
  5. If i had there resourses and the amout that people have asked them for tv style replays i think its the least they could do! Doing the replays is probably the easiest task of making a game and track, i should know i have done loads for race on series, rfactor, and F1 2011, and to answer your last question yes it is easy!
  6. What Codemasters is doing is releasing a game that can be improved the subsequent year. If they perfected F1 2010, then 2011 would have no new additions other than Buddh International Circuit and the Nürburgring. I guess some people wouldn't buy the next game, but F1 fanatics would get the games because it's F1. Of course when you are releasing sports games, there's not much you could add to each game unless you leave some stuff out and promise you'll add it next year.
  7. The thing about it is, if you watch the intro video for the PC version(not sure about the others) the tv onboard, the trackside cams everything is excatly how it looks on TV. So , the excuse that they couldnt be done is yet again another lame one. I have heard it was supposedly because the tracks arent fully modelled? All kinds of BS to me. If they AI was better and the replays were properly done, meaning you can change cars views everything just like you can on pretty much every other sim out there, the game would be great. I hope codemasters are visiting this forum cause I am banned from posting on theirs.