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F1 2010 The Game - First gameplay and Interview

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ivo Simons, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. f12010..jpg
    First footage of the game wich shows full pitcrew and wet conditions but its still in pre-alpha stage.
    Also the developers talk about the game and Anthony Davidson tells us what his role his in making this game. So check it out here
  2. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff Member

    This video made me droll :rolleyes:

    I can't understand why they won't include 2009 aswell. They have it already :frown: They can add to the game!

    And seeing a real f1 driver testing the game makes me hopeful about the realism :rolleyes:
  3. looks great, my son's gonna love it once they have a Wii version out, about the realism: since I will never get my hand on a real-life f1 car, I will never be able to tell, so I'm happy with whatever they chuck my way :)
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    So far it looks great! Since pre-ordering seems to be open I might have to drop my coins in there already :)
  5. games for windows live :/ no thanks...
  6. FLIPPING DING DONG!!!! That looks great!!!!

    hope its not all eye candy but is a good racer too!
  7. Seconded.
  8. After Bahrain do they really want to base it on 2010.:wink:

    Better stick to the 2009 data.
  9. Yeah Mark, best to judge the whole season after the first race...

    // Games for windows Live - doesn't bother me as long as using their software wont be obligatory. So far only a few games require it to work. I also bet it will be distributed and run via Steam. Its just another sticker they put on the box to indicate its a PC game.
  10. :biggrin:Yeah Konrad, and base a game on a season that hadn't started. Note the smile and wink in the comment:wink:
  11. "Games for Windows" is a sticker on the box to indicate its a PC game. "Games for Windows Live" means, If you want to play multiplayer it will be obligatory. unless you buy-it via Steam.
  12. Nah, they put it on everything nowdays. Check out fallout 3 pc cover. It has Games for Windows, LIVE (those are separate btw) logos despite its not a multiplayer game and all the additional features are available via Steam. No sensible logic, MS just puts their brand on everything they can. We will have to wait for the release to know for sure.
  13. You're right no sensible Logic. Live is an unnecessary evil PC users could do without. Anyway lets hope F1 2010 is as good as they say it's gonna be.
  14. Oh that looks good!! I have relished a better Grand Prix 4 (with the dry line appearing) and this might be the moral successor :)
  15. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I dont see the problem with that. Whats wrong with using windows live? Works nicely in DiRT2
  16. Tell me why we need it, Bram

    It's simply not needed for the PC. It was a designed for the xbox and it should've stayed there. It's just added another layer of Logons and Passwords via a clunky console interface designed to used by kids, and then cons kids to give more money for content for add-ons for a game they have already paid for. PC owners have historically shared most content and add-ons freely. Steam was designed for the PC from the ground-up and it's interface is "grown-up", fits the PC far better and is far easier to use. That doesn't mean we need Steam either to play multiplayer games. We've been succesfully playing online multiplayer games (straight from inside the game) on the PC from the mid 1990's. Now we've got middlemen who've jumped in-between the players and the Games and are taking money from both sides and exerting influence over game design to suit their "business model"

    Anyway lets all hope F1 2010 it's so fantastic that we wont even notice Windows Live.:wink:

    Rant Over:smile:
  17. This is looking VERY good. I want this game, and I want it now!
  18. but when they have 2010 data obviously :p
  19. The reason is simple: Piracy. They don't want pirates to play online and so they'll miss a whole bunch of features.

    I think GFWL is kinda cool. We also get some of the achievements that also give more replay value to a game. Actually in Dirt2 I only see GFWL at start-up, and it logs in itself.
    The fact add-on content can be sold through GFWL is useful, that's also possible in Steam. Add-ons just aren't free anymore. We're not living in 1999 anymore. And I think GFWL works fine. Just use HOME-key to open it. And further you can use it with the mouse.
    It's also cool GFWL is the same account as on the X360, so different games from both X360 and GFWL give points to your profile. Yep, I'm also a gamer since the beginning of the 90's and went online around 2002. I certainly believe games were better in the 90's, but how it is today we;ll just have to live with that.
    Of coruse in the 90's there was piracy as well, 3 games on one 1.44" floppy share it with a friend. And hey! But I can certainly believe if a devver wants to sell as many games as possible he wants to use every possibility to make him pay. Codies does it using GFWL which is a much better solution than Starforce..
  20. Originally posted by Johan Top
    :tongue:Yes, it's 2010 Johan, and addons are still free, you just have to click >Downloads < section of this Site for Tons of Free content which will give you Months and Months of replay Value for lots of Games. Click on >Career< and see your achievements. There are countless other sites for countless other games where the content is Free. I recently downloaded new Mods for the Close Combat series and that was released in 1996!

    Most Importantly we should all remember to click on >donate now< once in a while to keep RaceDepartment and others like it Free, or the the next thing we'll know is GFWL will be making us pay for all of this lovely free content:eek: