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F1 2006 season mod

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Rian Speed, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I have planned to release a F1 2006 season mod for codemaster's F1 2011. Making the mod for F1 2012 won't be a good idea as they are platypus noses. I've enough resources to create the mod but i need your support to know whether it would be good idea or not. There are some good HD car liveries for 2006 season already made by the community including the BMW SAUBER F1.06 made by me.

    Also if anyone interested to join the team,your most welcome :)
    Team members needed-
    -Helmet skinner(BADLY REQUIRED!!)
    -Garage and pit box skinner
    -Mod tester

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  2. Awesome! Finally a good year choice! :D
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  3. thanks for the support! would you like to join for the database?
  4. definitely a great idea - unfortunately I'm not a modder, but I'd be one of the first to download!! :D
  5. DATABASE ! i would do it !

    Driver and Team Names ! ;)

    which team skins are finished ?

    i see Renault, Ferrari, BMW Sauber & Williams ?
  6. Looks brilliant! I would be more than happy to become a mod tester :)
  7. thanks for the support! :)
  8. can i test the mod
  9. welcome to the team! :D finished liveries are:
    ferrari,red bull(not much change,will just modify a little with the original RB7),renault(by ML), williams(by warok), BMW(by Mischo FX) ,BAR honda(by me),toro rosso(i'll just leave it the way it is as there aren't major changes since 2007),mclaren(by SK and ML).

    unfinished are toyota,midland and super aguri.
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  10. thanks for the support,ur in the team XD
  11. you are in :thumbsup:
  12. ok :)
  13. Can we take contact in skype or other things
  14. you can PM me :) sorry i'm not into skype that much :thumbsdown:
  15. Thanks very much :D
  16. Thanks for the invite, I really appreciate it but I'm working on GTA 4 at the moment. I can't work on too many games at the same time. Altho database is really easy, I'm sure you won't have any problems with it. ;)
  17. I will Mod Test For You if you aren't already full up i would be more than grateful?
  18. Not too much of help, but at least showing interest :D Keep up your work, Rian! Besides, I GOT to find a copy of rFactor soon! ;)

  19. okay, fine !
    i do it when you gave me all informations (conversation) ;)
  20. The minimum is to ask before using the work of others.
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