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Cars F-zero blue falcon v0.3

Falcon punch the track

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    F-zero blue falcon - Falcon punch the track

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  3. I've been dying to try this mod, but every time I choose the car and track and hit start, Windows says acs.exe has stopped working and forces me to close the program. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. ive not updated it in a while, there have been several updates since the last patch of this mod which changes the way suspension, sound and aero works. Ive been a part of many other projects thanks to rallyworldmod so this has been overlooked sadly.
  5. Someone gave me a link to an updated mod on some Russian download site. The game no longer crashes, but the force feedback goes crazy on my G27 on the straights. If you or anyone else can link to an update that fixes this, I would really appreciate it.
  6. well i was planning to make a fix today, its working, i toned down the ffb which was pretty reasonable with my version but thrustmaster users had weird artefacts. Anyways the issue now is that the car barely turns even at low speeds. Ill likely have it fixed with a new version out this week, well hopefully that is
  7. using AC 1.6.1, the launcher hangs while trying to load the blue falcon. Does that mean the mod is not 1.6.x compatible?
  8. no its not compatible atm. ive sadly had to keep delaying the update