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Eyefinity set up and Monitor Colour

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by George Pilkington, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys, Happy Christmas

    I have just got my first serious race rig. Pc with Eyefinity and 3 23" Dell monitors... mmmm mmmm!
    I know very little about pc's other than for work.
    I was hoping for some advice about monitor placement for eyefinity. Is there an optimum settup?
    How do you have yours please?

    Also, one monitor looks to have a slightly different colur set up to the others... how do you go about adjusting this to get the 3 looking the same?

    Thanks for your help here guys.
    Best Festive Regards
  2. For color adjustment you can use Catalyst Control Center,

    Go to Graphics, Desktop Properties. Then to Color. And you can try to adjust yr colors.

    Optimum setup, just use the maximum resolution which your screens allows. And then adjust your games to it.

    For now im using 6000 x 1080 32 bit, Vertical Sync enabled.
  3. Thank you Freddie. I was begining to think no one was out there...
  4. Meanwhile, i can play in 6048 x 1080, 32 bit.

    It seems to be which screen you use as main screen is beiing important for the resolution.

    Bye the way there is another topic about eyfinity. (so maybe you can find there some additional info)
  5. Thanks again Freddy, I will look for that other thread now.
    Happy New Year!
  6. Pictures.


  7. Very nice Freddie

    Just got my XFX 6970 so now looking for VGA active dongles and one more screen (had a few lined up, but they fell through ) then its all systems go for eyefinity :)
  8. go Brian go !