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Exporting into rFactor question

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Michael Bryant, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. I have a track almost ready to post. When I export to rFactor from BTB, I can only use the folder name BobsTrackBuilder. If I try to rename the folder and the track, say XYZ folder and 123 track name, It doesn't show up in rfactor. Can't it be named something else?

    One more question. How do I package the new track to upload it as a new tracks ready for all to download? Do I just zip or rar the track from my locations folder?

  2. when exporting, you can rename it.by click on venue name.and track name
  3. It would be worthwhile buying 3dSimEd so you can pack it all up in MAS files.

    That will keep the size down.

    Yes, zip up the Folder from you Locations folder, then in the Read Me just give the install path as:

    Extract to: Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Locations.
  4. you don't need 3dsimed - there's a mas utility - i believe on the rfactor site....

    brb with a link....

    edit: hymmaarrr -> http://www.rfactor.net/downloads/utils/mas_203.zip
  5. Even better as that's free. :)
  6. I've tried that a few times. Never shows up in the tracks list in rFactor. Could this be a small bug?
  7. hi guys, just to clarify something...

    1. use the mas utility: it is the best one and free. Remember then to edit the .scn file of your track and add the following line: "MASFile=nameoftrack.mas" into the same section where you find other .mas addresses
    2. remember to add the .mas in the root folder of your track, where usually you find the "sky.mas" file

    About the root and folder of the track (originally venue name BobsTrackBuilder and track name Track01), it works fine changing these names... I have had some problems in the past only using long names with several capital letters... so try to change the name of the venue...
  8. I think the most likely reason it doesn't show up in rFactor is a missing or misplaced file. The .gdb file is the most likely as it has the track details.

    When you exported from BTB using a new track name was the 'Clear Folder' checkbox ticked? If it wasn't then maybe some file didn't get exported.

    If all else fails, look in Windows Explorer and compare the BobsTrackBuilder folder version [that shows] with the one exported to a new folder [that doesn't show] to check for any missing files.

    I hope this helps :lashes:
  9. Thanks Chub. Yes the Clear Folder was checked and I also tried it the other way...still nothing. Funny that the new folder and track do show up in the Locations folder in Windows Explorer. I'll try what Marcobost said about using the MAS utility. Also, when renaming the folder in BTB, does it matter if you use spaces in the name or not?

    Thanks all for your help
  10. No, I tried that earlier thinking it might be your problem - it just deletes the space in the rFactor tracklist and loads fine. No spaces is always the safe option though.