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Misc Esteban Ocon Mod - Multi Language + Extras 2.3

Esteban Ocon replaces Rio Haryanto and Williams + Renault (Ger) Name Change

  1. GPShine submitted a new resource:

    1.0 - Esteban Ocon replaces Rio Haryanto

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  2. realitychecked


  3. That's interesting. I don't have this issue. Which language you are using ?

    Or do you mean to change his first name to Esteban again instead of everything Ocon ?
  4. realitychecked


    It's not an issue, mate, it's called real life. It's not a problem to have people with the same first name.
  5. Aaa I got it, your right. I change it. Also i'm looking if you maybe can somehow get the Voices from Esteban (haas) connected to Ocon, so you have at least his first name also said by the commentator.
  6. GPShine updated Esteban Ocon For Rio Haryanto with a new update entry:

    Esteban Ocon For Rio Haryanto

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  7. Is the Nationality changed already?
  8. How do you change a driver's nationality?
  9. this is my first time modding, do i put the file into 2016-manor_rio_haryanto, a friend said to put it in the localisation folder but i don't know what he means.
  10. Open file F1 2016 and somewhere in the middle you see this folder,localisation overwrite the original
    but first make a backup copy
  11. In the Mod you have a "how to install" instruction
  12. mi dite per gentilezza in Che cartella devo mettere i file??? ma non devo Cambiare niente nei file cioe E Tutto gia pronto ???
  13. realitychecked


    Speak English.
  14. I say kindness where I have to put the files in that folder scompatto and then I have to change any file after ?
  15. Help pleaseeeeeeeeee
  16. Folder????