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ESTC 2000 / 2001 Mod

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Martin Wessely, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone, some Time ago I broke my ankle and then I couldn´t do anything except from sitting - so I decided to start a project to bring the EURO STC 2000 / 2001 (that could be seen in the EUROSPORT SUPER RACING WEEKENDS) to Race07! Now after a while I decided to upload the mod to give the community something back for all the hard work that you guys do for free to improve the racing experience in this game.

    So here is my first mod for Race07!




    FOR RACE07 by Grubenmoppz

    First of all, thanks to:

    AndreasFSC (ALBTCC98 Mod),
    biffenh (STCC Mod 2000),
    oreilyunitedfc (STW Mod97),
    baika (STW Mod98/99)
    Robert (some useful pics)
    SIMBIN for the game!

    -> you will need Andreas' SUPER TOURING 3.1 Mod and the STCC00 Mod 1.3 by Biffenh
    -> extract to your race07 directory


    Alfa 156 (STCC)
    Alfa 155
    Audi A4 Quattro (STCC)
    BMW 320i
    Volvo S40 (STCC)
    Nissan Primera Mk3 (STCC)
    Opel Vectra


    ESTC00 - classID 232
    ESTC01 - classID 233


    This is not the final version of the mod, it`s "a first try" ;)!

    HONDA ACCORD is not the FACELIFT ACCORD from 1999, because there is no model available.
    Some cars are not in the Mod, because I didn`t found any pics of them.

    I used a lot of skins from other mods, such as STCC00 (by biffenh), BTCC Mods (by Andreas), STW98/99 (by baika) and STW 97 (by oreilyunitedFC) and edited them, so that they look like the cars in the ESTC2000/2001.
    Some other skins are done by my own completely.

    Because there are nearly no fotos found in the Web I did a lot of Logos by myself and I also got no idea how the real racingsuits/helmets look like, so they are just fantasy. So the cars may not as accurate as in the other ST Mods, but I wanted to share them anyway.

    Also these are no HQ skins, because I used PAINT.NET - maybe someone wants to improve them, feel free to do so.

    So Feel free to use my talent-files and textures if you want to!

    Hope you like it!

    DOWNLOAD: http://www.file-upload.net/download-4093044/ESTCMod.zip.html
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  2. Hey, looking good mate! :)
  3. Excellent :) I nearly started painting the STC 2001 cars the other day but decided to make STCC02 instead.

    I have nearly all the races from Super Racing Weekend 2001 so might be able to help with a few sponsors possibly
  4. As I said, I just got some small pics of the cars, so there is a lot of work left to do (especially little decor stickers) - as you can see. I would love to watch races again.

    Did you find them in the internet or do you have them on DVD/VHS?
  5. many thanks il give it a try
  6. Recorded live on VHS from memory I have zolder, magny cours, jarama, nurburgring and estoril. Sadly I cut some of the other races off to fit the GT race on

    Still great work and will have a blast tomorrow ;)
  7. I recorded Zolder and Estoril 2001 - but I couldn`t find the damn VHS anymore -_-
  8. Glad to see this, hope these great mods keep coming and being improved ;)

    PS: my nickname/handle at all the sim boards is EUROSTC :cool:
  9. Robert Wiesenmüller

    Robert Wiesenmüller
    The one and only Premium

    Very good! AndreasFSC has started such a great thing with the Super Touring cars, now the skins and series keep coming.

    PS I sent the pictures. :)
  10. I had to change the Class# ID's...just a heads up.....:)
  11. Had a few good races last night in the audi :) only thing I noticed is De Lorenzi is to fast in his BMW lol!. Finishing top three instead of around 6 - 8 place but its only minor.

    Still great work
  12. Ia am glad that you like the mod! thank you! I did a 20race championship with the 2001 carset and De Lorenzi finished 15th overall with 14pts (WTCC-reglement) - so he shouldn`t be that fast. I will sort this out in the next version ;)
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  13. but you need new accord facelift model for 2000/2001 year

    Honda of my friend from 1999 year Ex-Gabriele Tarquini
    other one from MNE Ex-James Thompson
    and other one from MNE Ex-Peter Kox

    Can you make facelift model please???
  14. Thank you very much andreas for improving the S40 ;)

    as I already said in the readme, there is no facelift model yet and unfortunately i am not a modeler. But I hope that maybe someone who knows how to do it, could take a look if there is enough time for it. The STW/STCC/BTCC mods have the same issue as you know.

    btw very sexy pics Ivan ;)
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  15. I will make the facelifted accord some day, but I need to have the inspiration to do it. I have worked so much with these cars and the BTC2003 cars so I'm a little bit tired now... :p
  16. this would be much appreciated Andreas, take your time ;). At least there should be some time to drive the cars you build over the last months :D!

    I think that somebody has to build a monument for you because of all the work you put in these cars.
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  17. I don't know why, but the BTCC mod (93-95) for F1CH is containing this Accord in the 1995 seson.

    ps.: If anyone know a good video coverage ot EuroSTC seasons, please link it. I find nothing on youtube, but there are a lot of video of other super touring car championships. I only have a LG Super Racing Weekend magazin from Nurburgring 2001 on my old VHS tape. We upload it to here: http://video.racing.hu/lg_srw_magazin_nurburgring_2001 ;)
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  18. I have more, that are cars from our touring car chapionship 2011
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  19. Hopefully the new Accord can be added to this now:)
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