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Error Steam

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Sandis Roginskis, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. hmm probleam steam???Where steam.dll........

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  2. check
    "your harddrive location":\Program Files\Steam (or Valve)\
    there if not mistaken you will find steam.dll
  3. nope??? :pout:

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  4. Try reinstalling Steam.

    In addition you can download steam.dll (sharing programs, dc++ etc.)
  5. I am clever :thumb::thumb:

    Let's try this than
    Write this down if you need to

    1. Reboot Windows into safe mode
    This can be done by pressing F8 before the windows logo
    2. Once you are into safe mode, access your control panel,
    go into Add/Remove Programs and un-install comletly.
    All games you have installed also.
    3. Do a virus scan- please do this. Especially while your in Safe-Mode
    4. Upon completion of 3. Reboot Windows and download your steam app.
    5. Install steam

    It should then update when you open steam.exe
    and bring you to the login area

    Hope this works.

  6. ... did you try this?
    ... did it not work ... would have thought it should do.

    What you did seems a little extreme (especially rebooting into safe mode and uninstalling all games :shocked:).
  7. All you needed to do was to reinstall steam... from that screenshot i can see that most of the files aren't there so that would be all you needed to do.
  8. Please I need help

    I don't know why the in my GTR Evo, on Steam I right click on the GTR Evo and go to (view my update) the date is ( updated in December 31 1969, and I think when is 1969 there was no Steam no that time, do anyone know how can I change the date?

    I already have updated so many times the Steam but is still the same thing
  9. They just messed this thing up, it is only a minor issue and nothing to worry about. You can't change it, as it is part of a notification from steam servers. But hey you have to see it this way: GTR Evo is like red wine, getting better year by year. :becky:
    I suppose they just forgot to set the date, so it's 31st Dec 1969, although most computer systems start with 1st Jan 1970 by default.

  10. You could have just deinstalled and reinstalled it, why the safe mode?
  11. Thanks Daniel, ok so I don't have to worry.