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ENTRY LIST - TEST RACE @ Trois-Rivieres

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jan 15, 2010.

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    TIME January, Thursday 21 - 20:00 CET
    CIRCUIT Trois Rivieres Street Circuit
    WEATHER Changeable. Check website for the forecast



    30 minutes Practice
    10 minutes Qualification
    20 minutes Warm Up
    90 minutes Race

    Please, post your enbtry list with next format.

    There is freedom of choice for the cars, so you can test the model you want.

  2. Team: Blue Flag Racing
    Driver 1: Mikael Larsson
    Driver 2: Steven de Greveleer
    Reserver Driver 1: Eckhart von Glan
    Reserve Driver 2: Raymond Kok
  3. DMSv
    Fredrik Tackman
    Torbjörn Lindau

    DMSv II
    Johan Pesula
    Christian Waltgård
  4. Team: CorseOnlineRacing
    Driver 1: Antonio Cambria
    Driver 2: Massimo Martin
    Reserver Driver 1: Rocco Migliorino
    Reserve Driver 2: asap
  5. Team: DHR SimCraft
    Driver 1: Thor Qualmann
    Driver 2: Damian Dainhumain

    Team: DHR Fanatec
    Driver 1: Borna Spoljaric
    Driver 2: Carlos Hernandez
  6. Team: The Black Rebels

    Driver 1: Gregory Degreef
    Driver 2: Dariusz Swiderski
  7. Team : Black Visor Motorsports

    Driver 1: Ben Tusting
    Driver 2: ?
  8. Team: Project D

    Driver 1: Grégory Cogotti
    Driver 2: Luc Mangas (maybe...)
    Reserver Driver 1: ?
    Reserve Driver 2: ?
    Driver 1: David García
    Driver 2: Xosé Estrada
  10. ///FLATOUT Racing:
    Driver 1 : Lee Ross
    Driver 2 : Adam Shaw
    Reserve :

    ///FLATOUT Club:
    Driver 1 : Gareth Davies
    Driver 2 : Nick Newcombe
    Reserve :

    Teams not yet updated, couple of changes from last season, will update team list when teams are finalised.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.