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Misc Enhanced Graphics [Deleted]

Discussion in 'F1 2013 Mods' started by Winner, Jan 22, 2014.

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  1. Winner submitted a new resource:

    Enhanced Graphics - Colourful scenes with no bloom and glow

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  2. it's too dark for me... if you make it a little bit brighter it'll be a really good mod
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  3. Reminds me of the old F1 '97 (or Championship Edition) for the original PlayStation…


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  4. Yes its too dark for me :(
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  5. I think its too dark... need clear a little...:O_o:
  6. Too dark, does not look natural
  7. Look Like this ? May update with choice of brightness for different taste. :rolleyes:

    light cloud new.jpg
  8. Update with choice... looks good!!!;)
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  9. excellent mod my friend , update singapur please :);):)
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  10. As more buildings and less sky in Singapore, not much improvement for twilight race there.
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  12. Hi Winner, regarding only Bahrain, which BlockUnit string of type.xml files need to change? I want to mod only Bahrain race. Thank you!
  13. Hi, I don't quite understand your question. If you meant to convert the race to twilight, you only need to copy tod.dat and tod.xml from Abu_dhabi folder to Bahrain folder. Make backup first before doing that. Then add Bahrain files from ver 1.
  14. Well, thank you so much !
  15. I have installed Ver. 1.1 and I Think it´s too dark
  16. I'm consent.
  17. You removed some other postprocess effects like the cool raindrops in cockpit and t-cam.
    Sunny weather lightning (even in 1.2) is still way to dark.
    Otherwise excellent work, very promising. Monaco (for example) looks much better now with your mod. But I have to turn gamma settings way up, which makes the rest of the game (like the menu's) look like crap.
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