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Engine Status, Career

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by Martin Larsen, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. How important is the Engine status on career mode? I mean im still on my first engine, that have like 82% or something on engine status. If I change engine now, will I notice any differant or is there almost no differant? I just wonder since would be good to know if it matters and also just because I feel like previous games that it didnt matter so much...
  2. I haven't done any conclusive tests, but at Austria, I had a 92% engine. My pace was decent during practice so I decided that if I swapped engines, I may be able to get a podium. Well, My quali times were a good .500 faster or more. I believe engines effect speed on the straights. I struggle a bit more with an older engine on the straights against the ai than when I have a fresh engine.

    But anyway, you have 5 engines. Why not swap it regardless? A quick switch at the end of practice doesn't take much time. If it doesn't have any effect then oh well, but if it does, then at least you'll benefit from changing them.
  3. Ok, was wondering since my plan was to change in practice in Spain, but I crashed out since my wheel got dissconected in a fast corner...

    And than I got 12th in qulifying with my 82% engine, so I was wondering if I could make Q3 if I didnt crash so I had change engine...:p
  4. Watch out as occasionally it automatically swaps the engine! I lost the whole of practice just changing my engine back that was at 99%
  5. Just change at the end of practice ;) I usually do 1 lap on the default setup and 1 lap on my own setup, 2 laps wont hurt the new engine, so change it at the end :)
  6. It was whilst I was a noob. I was getting used to the game. F1 2015 mod is about to have a huge update