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Engine start button?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Shmulik Mazor, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. How come there is no engine start button in AC?

    Weird, No ?
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  2. Stelios


    It would be weird if the cars would stall.
    Which they don't :)
  3. ouvert


    yep .. apparently code for engine stalling is there but not enabled .. not sure why (in one of Casillios streams he explains it but I don`t recall it)
  4. Cause they would have to make engine-start sounds for all the cars. And it's a game for racing, not for stopping and starting your car.
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  5. rocafella1978


    realism at the end of the day and immersion, I don't need it either. but for argument sake, you start in pits/ garage, so ignition & start belong to the sim and a vehicle should have like real cars have. (as well as stalling...so many would stall their cars in racing and would add greatly to online races/ leagues and etc.) just my 2c.
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  6. menos | M6

    menos | M6

    I really, really miss those little touches and really liked the way this worked in netKar Pro.
    When I do a full race weekend in Assetto Corsa (the only way I race), I do the whole thing - set up my car, check some settings once in the car sitting in the pit lane - now I would like to start the car the proper way, which is missing at the moment - go on my outlaw, managing tires, brakes, start to warm the tires further on lap 2 and three and attack on lap 4 and so on …

    When I realize something is off and I would like to change something about the setup, I finish the lap, drive back into the pits, stop in front of my garage (I would love this to be implemented more elaborately, including the difference of stopping within the place to receive a pit stop or stopping in the pitlane, making it easier for the guys to either push the car backwards into the garage or dolly the car up, …

    I miss the kill switch, mappable cockpit controls, I miss VERY much functional cockpits with display switches, dash board functions, …

    This to me is part of the racing and I would love to get this aspect as well.

    Anyone here also into flight sims and ever spent some time in the DCS flight sim?
    Well a race car is a much, much less involving machine for the pilot in terms of controls and cockpit complexity - but this is something I would like to see more in racing sims.
    Kunos started this trend in netKar Pro and I loved it for that.
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  7. William Wester

    William Wester

    Yeah, it's hard to believe the level of control Eagle Dynamics has built-in their DCS flight sim - a level of control the flight sim crowd now considers the norm. I would think AC should at least have a starter, and the ability to stall the engine on manual shift cars. This is a sim right.
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  8. All the gimmick stuff was cool in nKp but I wonder how many people actually bothered with it. I do miss being able to drop the clutch at the start.
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  9. menos | M6

    menos | M6

    That is the one most single annoyance I have with Assetto Corsa.
    This in my opinion should have priority about anything else.

    Your car should stay at the start position, roll forward or backwards depending on the incline should you step off the brake.
    Flags should be dropped, you should see the safety car in you rear view mirror behind the grid, the start lights should go off and you absolutely should manage your start like in a real race!
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  10. If you are into such detail, I think you would really love Steel Beasts. Version 4 is being released within a few days, perhaps even today.
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  11. That was improved in 1.7 - used to be available to h-pattern cars, now paddle shifted cars with clutches start that way too. Obviously auto-clutch cars it's not an option.
  12. I don't consider one of the biggest hazards from spinning your car out or starting from a stand still to be a gimmick.
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  13. gimmick (cool but unnecessary) = nKp clickable cockpit buttons

    Do not try to take my words into a different meaning, especially by keeping out the very next sentence which is in exact accordance to your words.

    Edit: Fine, you made it to the Ignore List.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
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  14. Stalling was not covered by the next sentence.