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Engine sound

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Miguel Van Geeteruyen, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    Anybody knows how to improve the sound of the engine car? Music sounds fien but in race o qualy the engine sound is very poor and low.
  2. azy


    i think it will came when CM gives us the PATCH.
  3. will whis patch only be on pc cos im on xbox
  4. I thought the engine sounds were pretty good, probably one of the only things it does better than all the other F1 sims/mods/games.
  5. Hi,
    How do you get a good car sound? I do not find any option.
  6. I love the game but there's something missing in the sound. The upper resonance is fine as you hit peak revs...but it reminds me of barking dogs, when a few cars come together in close proximity.. I just hope the patch adds something to help that aspect. I'd love CM to dirty it up a bit. Make it more throaty, with a few pops and backfires.
  7. As far as i recognized there is the same car-sound in every racecar. thats what i dislike. I agree that ther should be more pops and backfires. But Maybe this depends on the driving-helps you use.
  8. codies recorded the engine of of real 2010 f1 car so donno what's the problem, buy some decent hifi and set it up.