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Elevation and kml data.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by G-Kraft, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. This is a continuation to:

    I tried to use the "kml altitude filler"..but the track looks flat in BTB..i guess i most do it manually then.

    So what is the easiest way? in BTB...what does the numbers in X/Y/Z mean?(under track lenght).
    I wonder if i should to it something like this:

    1: Open Google Earth
    2: Draw my track(including pilane)
    3: Export my kml to BTB
    4: Running BTB simultaneous with GE
    5: Add the height data from every node in GE to BTB

    Does it sound right? the only problem is how to se the elevation data in BTB, thats why i wonder what the X/Y/Z means..


    btw...is there a possibility to get a bakground image to BTB when using the regular paint program?.
  2. How much height variation is in the real track? If it's very slight or gradual it might not register with the GPS tools.

    The X Y and Z numbers are the coordinates of your mouse. When moving it in each of the 2d views, one of the values will remain the same because it's 2d. When it comes to setting the XYZ values of points there's a better way than using those numbers. Select a node and click on the Move Nodes button. For each number you can click on 'Get' to get the coordinates. You can change those values and click on 'Set' to implement the change.

    When it comes to getting your track from GE to BTB, you can't have the track and pitlane as a single path/kml file. They have to be separate, but the two kml files can be imported into one BTB file. The only problem is that you'll have to move the pitlane, but you can use the background image tool to help. From GE, take a screenshot of the track, save it in any old format (jpg will do) and load it as a background image which you can use as a referance.
  3. X and Z are the north/south and east/west co-ordinates [not sure which way round] and Y is the height.

    So it's the Y value you need to adjust for altitude.
  4. Thanks for the answers:)

    btw...how do i take a snapshot in GE?:p

    Well my track has wery much different heights, i made many nodes in GE to it
  5. Use the "PrintScreen" snap shot button and paste it into photoshop. then create jpeg/dds.
  6. I can take pictures inside GE? did not know that...where is it? and where do my pictures go?.

    And another question about the Y value in BTB.
    If the track height is like 200m, do i set it on 200 then?
  7. Yes, both Google Earth and BTB have the height in meters
  8. Thanks for the help so far:)

    Im now trying to merge a pit road with the main track.
    One problem still....when i import the pilane road and set the elevation to it, but after that i really dont know how to select the nodes to my "main" track, all selected nodes are only on the pilane road...

    So how do i switch between the two roads in BTB? so that my main track gets all the selected nodes
  9. In the help file, under Navigation > Navigation & Keys, it says "Hold Shift to multi-select." (in 2d views)

    You can also click and drag and a box will appear, which can also be used to select multiple nodes. When moving them, keep holding down Shift.

    "T - Toggle between tracks. Hold shift to toggle backwards."
  10. Thanks for all the help! i appreciate that.
    Lets see if i manage to build a track..

    btw...when selecting "Set start/finish positions" how do i rotate pit-in/out and Start/finish lines? would be helpfull.
  11. shift - Print Scr (which is next to F12)
    then open mspaint (start > execute > type in the line 'mspaint')
    make sure to cut out only the GE image,
    save as 'your picture'.JPG and you'll find it in your My Images folder
  12. Thanks:)

    Im now working on the AI drivelines...i wonder how do i set the Pitline? the driving line is for the main track only, how do i set a driveline to the separate pitroad?.
  13. That sort of thing is defined in the AIW file. There's a thread about it in the 'sticky threads' section.

    For the next version, we'll be able to set a lot of values from BTB itself. There's a video about that on the news page of the BTB site:
  14. hmm strange things happen...i started to make the terrain to my track, and when i try to save some sort of error shows up and im unable to save the track.
    Its a point to point(open) track.
    I have another track merged with the "main" one, and the main tracks terrain do collide a little with the merged road...does it have anything to do with it?
    While creating the track i didn't have any problems with saving, but this error is now killing me
  15. Did just look at the tutorial video, he did have a option in "edit terrain" that allows you to merge terrain together.
    I can't find the same option in my BTB..
  16. Merging terrain, so how do you guys do it? i have tried searching answers at google but can't find anything..
  17. In the terrain editing window, with the Add tab selected, you should have a Merge button at the bottom. You can use Shift/Ctrl to select multiple terrain sections, and then click on Merge. Don't overdo it though because the bigger a section is, the more it'll affect your framerate in rFactor.

    edit: Don't forget that the BTB videos will sometimes be for older versions of the program, so the interface may change.
  18. I see it now, but it does not merge the terrain parts i want.
    I have a crossroad in my track, the "terrain level" is not the same for both tracks, cause i want to make it more real, but then they dont match each others in height, thats why i want to merge them.

    Is it a problem to have different heights when merging terrain? and how to i easiest choose two specific terrain sections? cause the two i want to merge are way from each others in the list.

  19. Ah, so you want to merge the points. In the 3d view, select some of the points and hold down the right mouse button. A menu will appear and you can select 'Merge Anchors'. It says this in the help file (Editing > Terrain, Shaping Terrain section).

    You can also use the 2d views (top view is easiest). Move one point towards another, and release the mouse button when they're close. They'll then merge together. When I say 'close', there could be a 1 mile height difference but in top view that'll be ignored - it'll only consider the horizontal distances. When they merge, the heights will also be merged. It's best not to use the side views for this because you could accidentally merge two points which are on opposite sides of the track.
  20. I know how to move anchors, but i dont know how to select two specific ones to merge, i can only move one anchor at a time.
    So how do i select two anchors that belongs to different track terrain?