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Editing HDV File For Stronger FFB ( G27 )?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Wesley Soares, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Is there any parameter in the HDV file that I can change to make the FFB tougher specific mod? I have a good mod (DRM) and I think the FFB is very light. I would not want to change the wheel settings (G27), but the mod specifically. Thanks.
  2. Connor Duffy

    Connor Duffy

    You can adjust the FFB of individual cars using Real Feel.

    First time you drive any mod it will create an entry in your Real Feel file for that car. It will always use 'DefaultMaxForceAtSteeringRack=-2000.000'.
    Once you've driven the car the first time you can adjust the entry for the car you would like to change, should be the last entry in your Real Feel file.
    Closer to zero is stronger. Make changes of 100, so try 1900 first.
    Bear in mind the strength limitations of your weak G27 to avoid clipping.

    Alternatively you can enable speech near the top of your Real Feel file and the use Real Feel shortcuts to adjust while on track.
    I use this method for all cars to adjust FFB to preferance, default content included.

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  3. Hi, Connor... thank you for your time and colaboration. I think it works... What i don't understand is: all cars have 2 or 3 values for this parameter, but in this case i have to put in there 4 or 5 to start work like others mods... So, thank you...
  4. Simply because physics are not corresponding to GSC standards (And not really perfect at the beginning imho). Tire model could improve feeling easily I think.
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  5. So, in my case, throw mod away and go ahead? Thank you, Patrick.. as always helping everybody!
  6. Well, play with it If You like it ;)
    Perhaps using Porsche 911 3.0 tires could be a good option, with tweaks for wheels dimensions. But not sure it could work directly like this.