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DTM mutiplayer - Aussie ping times?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Hal Burns, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. Just got DTM-E and enjoying it. The online servers are currently in Europe and the pings are showing as about 350 here in Australia. Any other Aussies have something better? Can you post your pings?
    Haven't tried joining an active race yet as I'd just get booted...the time difference doesn't help either.
    Hoping that they will host something a bit closer for the few/many? DTM and R3E fans in Asia/Pacific.
  2. Iam Aussie to and you won"t get booted off the servers, I see them at 350 to and race on them and its surprisingly good.You can get races from 8 or 9 pm est
  3. Pings of 300 to 350 is common here for us Aussies, since the servers are in Europe. In most Sims I've run here (Race 07, GTL, rFactor ) it doesn't seem to be a problem provided your connection is stable. I've not tried DTME though, but hopefully it's also ok.

    Apparently, it is a problem with AC and you risk getting booted from that one.
  4. Thanks...I'll give it a try!
  5. got into an online race last night, finally...ping of 350 in Aus shown, but no problems...good Amateur scrap at Nurburgring with 5 euro's.....great fun and ran perfectly...no warping or anything.