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Dry Weather Database

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Keith Windsor, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. EDIT - removed - sorry, this does NOT remove all rain from the career. It may well work in other modes and you are welcome to try it, but in career, there is still some rain.
    I am currently unable to edit or delete the file from the downloads section.
    I will continue to edit and test, and try and get a more succesful version uploaded.

    Sorry to anyone who downloaded this, it seemd to be working fine but then I finally had some rain again :(

    Moderators: can you remove my download please, I am unable to delete, it keeps saying server error.
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  2. Thanks, I will try it out when I get home. The weather system sure is broken right now. I don't think that 1 year is enough time for codemasters judging by the release state of the f1 games. :D
  3. Personally I prefer to have the weahter changing if I can get the AI performing to the right speeds, but that will take some time (if the patch doesn't fix it), so I thought I'd do a simple change in the meantime. I'm not sure about the menus, you may still see some rain predicted, but it should be dry regardless.
  4. I hope that the patch will fix the weather because I also like some wet races but just not nearly every race.
  5. This will have effect in a started career?

    Too much rain this year!!!! its ok for 4-5 races but not 15 of 20!!!
  6. parginos, in 2011 changes did not seem to work in already started careers, so I cannot be 100% sure of this as I have not reached Montreal, Spa, Silverstone, where I would expect to see rain normally.

    I recommend only doing this at the start of a career to be on the safe side.

    *** Disclaimer - remember no one knows what is causing the savegame bug, I have personally not had the bug because of editing the database, but it may be a cause, so do this at your own risk. I would hate you to lose your career.
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  7. Thx, i will start a new career to test it, cause im not a rain man!!!! :D
  8. Would you believe it, I have rain in Canada. The first rain since I started using it. Back to the drawing board. Sorry for the false hope everyone. I will continue testing and let you know if I sort it. :(
  9. I will start a new career also and see if it works, but I am really disappointed as I thought I had solved it. In my first career I had rain in Malaysia, China and Bahrain, but after a save bug I started a new career. It rained in Melbbourne, then I put the new database in and had no rain, till I just loaded Canada in :(.
    It may well work ok in the other modes, but possibly not career it seems.
  10. Nope it dont work, first rain at malaysia!!!! :(
  11. Back to the drawing board, sorry to get people's hopes up, it must have been a lucky coincidence that I hade several races in succesion with no rain!
  12. I have tried everything, i changed all the codes which is for weather, i couldnt find a solution, you were my only hope!!!
    Anyway i keep trying and let you know. ;)