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DRS on first lap

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by HK2014, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    I made a 29laps race with formula extreme cars, everything worked fine except the DRS, all the cars (AI) used their DRS from the starting grid, on the very first lap.

    So I am asking you if we have the possibility to change this and make it work like formula one, I mean DRS only available when you reached the 3rd lap.

  2. You could use the DRS on the first lap as well ?

    That seems odd.
    On the .srs file of the FExtreme (REIZA08.srs) there's a parameter that shouldn't allow this (if i'm not mistaken):

    DRS-MinimumCrossings = 2 // the minimum number of times the cars have passed the detection point before it becomes active

    From my point of view, you would need to cross the point 2 times before allowing it.
  3. Yes, when the starting light disappeared, every AI cars had DRS activated.

    The mod I'm using has thoses values in the .srs file :

    DRS-MaximumTime = 1.0 // the maximum time between your car and the one in front (in seconds)
    DRS-MinimumCrossings = 2 // the minimum number of times the cars have passed the detection point before it becomes active
    DRS-TestDayRules = 1 // for all rules settings:
    DRS-Practice1Rules = 1 // -1 means disable DRS
    DRS-Practice2Rules = 1 // 0 means DRS is active everywhere on the track
    DRS-Practice3Rules = 1 // Positive values should be interpreted as a bitfield with the following bit values:
    DRS-Practice4Rules = 1 // 1 = DRS is active only in detection zones
    DRS-Qualify1Rules = 1 // 2 = DRS is active only after the minimum set number of crossings (in DRS-MinimumCrossings)
    DRS-Qualify2Rules = 1 // 4 = DRS is active only if within DRS-MaximumTime of the car in front
    DRS-Qualify3Rules = 1 // so for the full DRS rules you use the value 7 (1+2+3)
    DRS-Qualify4Rules = 1
    DRS-WarmupRules = 1
    DRS-Race1Rules = 7
    DRS-Race2Rules = 7
    DRS-Race3Rules = 7
    DRS-Race4Rules = 7

    So I don't know what is wrong, thanks anyway for trying to help me!
  4. Chris Stacey

    Chris Stacey
    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #7 Staff Member Premium Member

    @HK2014 Which build number of the game are you playing?
  5. V1.0.1
    I will test on more tracks to see if it happens again and in which conditions, because i know that some time it works just fine, so it is maybe track related? I will run more races on both vanilla and custom tracks (with DRS settings in .GDB of course). I will tell you the results.