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Drive as Alonso

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by ronni3162, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Hi guys...

    I was wondering...does anyone know if it`s possible for me to drive as Alonso in the career mode. If i start a new career i will be second driver and drive as Massa. How to change that?
    I think i possible, because in the first database relased with the game in the redbull team you had Webber as first driver and Vettel as second. Now with the new convertion to the 2011 season by RDDev it the other way around.

  2. Dont you drive as yourself in career mode?
  3. Yes ofcourse... but i bored with this way to choose driver and i want the right names....there cant be to persons in one with the same name...right. And you are a bit smart too.
  4. In career mode, you real name is the correct name - its your career not flaming Fernandos.

    I would just start a new career and call yourself Fernando Alonso. You cant just start a new career in a Ferrari, so you will be best starting a 3 year career, make the other Alonso your rival, and hopefully if you beat him, come season 2 you will get an offer from Ferrari and can replace him and have Massa as your teammate.

    Thats all I can suggest, as to be honest it all seems a bit pointless :D
  5. You can start with Ferrari, by editing the database...
  6. It will mess up the race results, if you don't replace the modified database with the original one.
  7. i do that...
  8. I hope you want to be Alonso so you can put it into the wall every race, then screenshot the final standings table showing him at the bottom with zero points - and then Twitter / FB it to him. :D
  9. This is not the way to get good help. Paul is a respected member of this community who has given great advice to many drivers on a whole range of subjects... Maybe if you were a bit more smart you would have realised you could edit the database all by yourself.
  10. He could also colour in his eyebrows with and extra thick marker, and drive while constantly wearing a frown.
  11. Oh Justin you made me blush!

    You mean he wasnt complementing me? :D

  12. Well i dont see the problem here... I just asked for some adwise, and i have seen the driver change done before...so it`s possible.
    I just want to know how...then let it be my problem to drive with Alonso....and i dont understand why people write, if they cant help. Respected member or not.
  13. My second post was a genuine attempt to help you without having to mess around with your database, and to be able to play career mode in a meaningful manner.

    Editing your database to be able to start your career with Ferrari, driving as Alonso, just seems to undermine the point of the career mode all together. This is a F1 driving game, not a RPG, so I guess I just dont care less what name im driving under as long as im having fun on the track, but I realise that for some, other cosmetic factors of the game are more important than the game itself.

    Final suggestion, you may as well make a custom 19 race GP season and pick to drive as Alonso.
  14. ok...i see your point...i just want to drive career mode...dosent matter if it is Alonso or Schumi, and still be able to develop the car. Now the new game soon arrive maybe they changed the gameplay, so you can be who you want....hope you understand.
  15. Hopefully F1 2011 will allow us to choose which of the two card we drive in.... but I think Codemaster may not have changed much in that respect.
  16. I get a feeling that 2011 will be making an even bigger deal of your personal career than 2010 does. Look at all the CM games, big focus on YOU being 'the man' - not playing 'as' someone else, be it Alonso or Ken Block.
  17. Oli Peacock

    Oli Peacock
    Sim Racer

  18. Hey, mate!
    I've asked the same question some times ago, with the other scenario... Because I've lost my career save I wanted to start directly at McLaren, with Hami as teammate. And I've got the same answer: to start a new career, pick Button as rival and beat him to get his seat. And I did it! Only thing I've cheated is the career reputation points, because I wanted to get there quickly and this just because the F1 2011 it's almost released. Now I have accepted the McLaren offer as a first driver (only it's with Button as teammate), but also have Button as my rival... I just have to wait to the season end to find out who will be my partner.
    Hope to help you. And don't be rude with the forum members, even if it's looks like they joke on you.
  19. Well i see your point. but can you see when the game was released nearly a tear ago the database was with webber as your teammate in the redbull team. Now if you, use the conversion RDDev made and edit their database so you can start directly with redbull your teammate are vettel, right. Some is changed and i want to know how they done that.