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Drift Mod?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by LukeD, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Sorry to be asking again for a curtain mod but i really need to know, i was at Trax Yesterday watching the 5th round of the BDC and im hungry for some Drift action and rFactor is ageing sooo much.

    So is there a Drift mod for Race 07 :D
    hope someone can help, i can drift all sorts of cars but its normally just controlling oversteer on the way out.
    i would love a proper drift mod, hope there is one.

    let me know :D
  2. I don't think there is a "Drift mod". You do need a wide track with lots of corners, but other than that it all comes down to the car setup.
    Any RWD car can be setup to drift. I don't know how to setup a drift car but someone out there can give us some setup tips.

    It would be nice to have a track that has a skid pan or a big area to practice drifting... Does anyone know of such tracks?
  3. For drag racing and drift practice, SimBin included a great track:

    Anderstorp / Scandinavia Raceway

    As for drifting cars, by default it is a little harder with the way the cars are setup in game. Basically the issue is that the cars are limited to a max of 33° steering lock and up to only around 14° castor. Also, different tyre physics and maybe more power never hurts :)

    There is a newly released drift car for rFactor, and I know the guy that did it, so you never know what might happen for Race 07 in the near future....
  4. also, to show you (by a fallow Kiwi mate) how to drift on a nice tight track....

  5. and here again at Eastern Creek last month showing that the track isn't the issue :)

  6. Even with what is currently available, load up the BMW GT2 out of the Power Pack expansion, set Anders to wet (50%) and keep your slicks on, assign your joystick (not the steering wheel) to the handbrake, close up your wheel lock in the controllers interface and go out to 33° in the in-game garage and Boom! you are set :)