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Doesn't anyone play this anymore?

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Hiroshi Awazu, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I noticed there is very little activity going on concerning this sim. I recently got it and i think it is a great sim,right up there with what we are all currently playing. I'm just curious.
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Because its old. Therefore the forums have been archived here more or less as nothing was organized for it anymore.

    Haydays were before RACE 07 with an awesome NGT league that many still remember :)

    Will come back with GTR 3
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  3. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    My F330 GTC vs the Numerous RSR's. ;)
  4. still plenty of life left in this sim but sadly it does not get the backing here but at other places like race2play, nogrip and gamers crib there is still a good following
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  5. I still love it - mainly because you can save mid-race :) But the cars are awesome too!
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  6. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I recently installed Touring Car Legends for GTR2. I like the variety of cool mods for this sim.
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  7. I'm still playing this myself, as I really enjoy GT racing. Although admittedly, I was somewhat late to the party. :p
  8. This is the most enjoyable sim, BEST Offline it just drives as you would expect a real car to drive, If I make a mistake I know it was me and not some weird physics issue, If it had a great multi player connection it would WIN the best sim for sure.:)
  9. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    I play some times with the Fia gtr3 2011mod and NAPP 1.4 (New Advanced Physics Patch)
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  10. A very good mod, but not supported here because of the origins of it's content. It has totally brought GTR2 back to life for me and will keep me busy until rF2 improves and GTR3/Assetto Corsa hit the ground;).
  11. North American Grand Prix
    GTR2 ALMS Mod
    Saturday American Le Mans Series LMP1 Season 10 Opener​
    Sebring Circuit 2 1/2 hour Endurance Race​
    Aston Martin Racing
    #007 Lola DBR1-2
    Starting 8th on a grid of 21 racers, our objectives for Sebring in the #007 Lola DBR1-2 were to run a clean, damage-free race using a well thought out but flexible race strategy and score solid points with a top-5 finish. All in all we had three driver error laps out of 83 laps completed, at a loss of 25 seconds lap time. That's a 3.6% error lap rate and 0.00274 lost lap time rate. The first driver error was unforced on Lap 5, occurring when I turned in short at the Hairpin Turn 7 and upset the car over the apex curb into a spin. The second error happened when I locked the rear wheels braking too hard for the pit entrance. The third error happened on Lap 48 immediately following an overtake of lapped traffic exiting Turn 10. My tighter line exiting Ten took me over bumps that broke traction in the rear, causing throttle-on oversteer into a spin.
    The 2 1/2 hour endurance race was challenging and rewarding. Challenging in that most of the race was driven at night, and rewarding in that I bonded with my race engineer by learning to trust his race planning, detailed fuel calculations, and pit strategy. Last week's 30 minute Qualifying race was a primer for the in depth calculations required for Saturday's 150 minute endurance race plan, and we validated our planning methodology to the exact lap with an error of 1.31 liters per 592.1 liters total fuel burn. That's an accuracy of 0.2%.

    The race unfolded with Nabil as my nearest threat. I kept an alert eye on the 8-second gap back to him, and Nabil held the interval steady from Lap 30 through Lap 51. We were out of sequence on pit stops, with Nabil squeezing one or two more laps out of each tank of fuel in his Acura.

    Nabil's extended stop on Lap 55 for fuel and damage repair cost him about 25 seconds, and he recovered about 35 seconds behind me. Another incident on Lap 61 opened that gap to 48 seconds, where it hovered up to Lap 76 when traffic management lapping a difficult John and yielding to Olav and Michael reduced that gap to 44 seconds.

    I was getting better fuel mileage than planned, but I had to squeeze every last half-second out of my last pit stop to avoid getting passed in the pits and losing 6th place to Nabil. Furiously calculating to the nearest liter while maintaining race pace with overtaking traffic was no mean feat. I took on 4 laps of fuel, no tires, standing still in my pit box an agonizing 18 seconds.

    Starting Lap 79 I emerged from my fuel-only final pit stop 4 seconds ahead of Nabil. I had marginal fuel with cold, worn tires that had 5 more laps of wear on them than Nabil's tires. I struggled with lack of rear grip into and out of corners. Nabil smelled blood.

    The race leader, Thiago, was overtaking our battle, preparing to lap Nabil and me, and it came down to traffic management. On Lap 80 Nabil managed an excellent, clean, textbook yield to Thiago with minimal loss of time approaching the final turn, and it was my turn to match it half a lap later. Thiago closed on me into the Tower Turn 13 but our acceleration out of Thirteen was evenly matched. I eased back momentarily on the throttle to give him some overtaking closure. Thiago glided by me trouble-free into Bishop Bend Turn 14. Post-race review of MoTec verified my loss of lap time at only 8/10ths of a second. Nabil and I were tied at 1 - 1 for Traffic Management, with Nabil closing.

    Lap 81. Nabil nailed Turn 1 and the Turn 3-4-5 complex to close right up to my rear wing:
    He sensed an almost certain passing opportunity down the long run into the Turn 7 Hairpin. Out of Turn 5 Nabil opened the throttle as early as he dared, but the wake from my car dirtied the airflow over his, and that miniscule disturbance to downforce was just enough to spin up his rear wheels into an oversteer moment. Nabil skillfully gathered it up with a deft application of countersteer, and I was gifted with one second's gap worth of breathing room:
    Lap 82 could be the final lap. It started the same as Lap 81, only this time Nabil got it right exiting Turn 5. Slightly higher top speed barely saved me down the straight into Turn 7; Nabil could not close enough to attempt an overtake. Turn 10 saw Nabil slightly wide of the apex while I set about driving the lap of my life. "Back to basics," I reminded myself as I kissed every remaining apex and exit curb.

    As I'm closing to lap Jack entering the long back straight, I check the time and the fuel. 20 seconds of race time left and my remaining fuel was too close to call for one more lap. Thiago, the race leader, was but 2 seconds ahead, in front of Jack. Nabil was 1.4 seconds behind. If Thiago crosses the line before time expires that will extend the race one more lap for Nabil to steal my 6th place.

    I short-shift to 6th gear. Jack yields tight to the inside of Turn 17, and I shave it as close as I dare, leaving just enough gap between us for two layers of racing paint but no clear coat:
    Nabil takes a wide line through 17 and closes within 9/10ths. The race leader, Thiago slows one hundred meters before the finish line to allow race time to expire, thereby avoiding driving an additional lap. With Nabil right behind me I can not relent. 3 laps down, I overtake Thiago by one car-length before the finish line, forcing me to drive an additional lap to the finish but with 1 liter less than required race pace fuel. This is how it looked:
    Nabil was a mere 5 car-lengths behind Thiago, only 6/10ths of a second short of earning another lap. That additional lap could have been enough for Nabil to pass me while I was forced to massively short-shift to the finish line.

    Night racing with reduced visibility, stopping six times for 5 sets of tires and 493.41 liters of fuel. After 150 minutes, 9000 seconds of race time, my race result was determined by 5 car lengths and 1 liter of fuel.

    It was an honor to race with you gentlemen. Nabil, thank you, sir, for an epic battle.
  12. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    TCL's Ford Mustang at Infinion is just awesome!
  13. Link please :)
  14. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Sorry no link but the TCL for GTR 2 mod can be found at Drivingitalia.net and Infinion Raceway is there too.

    Go to Downloads, Similatori by Simbin, GTR 2 and you'll find it there.
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  15. Would there be interest in a championship for GTR2 ?
  16. The mod TCL is 100% Legal and permissions to convert to GTR2 was granted by RS-Owner & T-Man who have also gave me other models which were unfinished betas for Rfactor and I have since finished them and put them into GTR2

    TCL is now:

    Alfa 75, BMW 635, BMW e30 M3, Corolla Coupe, Corolla Levin, Ford Escort : RS1600i & RSTurbo, Ford Mustang,
    Holden TWR VL, VK, VL, Mercedes 190e, Nissan R31, Rover SDI, Sierra RS500, Supra, Volvo 240T

    and the add ons...

    Ford Capri Mk3
    Nissan Skyline DR30
    Alfa GTV
    DTM 87 Skinpack for TCL
    BTCC 1990 Skin Pack TCL The Fords and BMWs
    Jaguar XJS
    TCL Portugal Add On 1988-1995
    Rover Metro Turbo & Maserati Biturbo
    ATCC 1990 Skin Pack
    Mitsubishi Starion
    Renault 21 Turbo
    Nissan Skyline R32
    Renault 5 Turbo

  17. Sorry ron123 I was talking about the FIA GT3 2011 mod that Peter Koch said he was playing:).

    I've not tried your TCL mod for GTR2;) , but I must as I used to run TCL races at RD when Ryan was first doing their version of it in preperation for the leagues.

    Looks awesome though:).