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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Roma Ljubchik, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hello my name is Roma Ljubchik, i`d like to take part in FSR World Series in 2011 with my team, but we have a problem, so we hope you tell us wat to doo)

    (discount on the full license until 14.03.2011: 52|) is it includes x2 driver licences and Team?? if not please tell me what does discount inclueds)))


    sry for my English((((
  2. No that would only be for 1 drivers licence. So the total cost would be 114 for 1 team with 2 drivers for the season.
  3. ooooooOooOooOooo
  4. Since when are the registrations already opened ?
  5. thats what i was thinking. arent they out today sometime??
  6. They will open later today together with the final Mod release as announced before :) It was just there on the site since I updated everything 2-3 days ago
  7. if i can only pay some near 03.14?? In WT will be free places/?