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Dirt 2 Track Builder, Please Brendon?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Howie2010, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. What would it take for the big B to make a track builder for Dirt 2?

    There are several of us on the CM forums who are dying for new tracks, and also Dirt 1 tracks remade for D2 with its awesome physics! - http://community.codemasters.com/fo...05493-would-you-pay-dirt-2-track-builder.html

    Yes we know its not as good as RBR or a sim, but it is very fun and looks great, alas they crapped out at the last minute, catering to kids, with the short, very easy tracks.

    We all would pay for a Dirt 2 Track Builder, and Im sure B can handle the coding.

    So what do you want, need, etc?

  2. I realy can't see codemasters giving him a permission for this it's just not codemasters way.....well not without him paying an extortionate fee to do so.
  3. Why would he have to pay anyone anything? Does he have to pay for RBR or r-factor, etc?
  4. I highly doubt he would have to pay, just need to get permission... after all the reason a lot of us go for RBR and Rfactor is because there is so many free mods out there! so if you think about it... we are making the games more appealing to new customers and doing their work for them... for free! so why would they charge the big B?
  5. I was being sarcastic...LOL
  6. I recognize this pattern from the Zmod forums. "New game" comes out, "Can we get a filter for 'new game' please?"While it's intentions are good there is a ton of work to be done before that can even become a consideration. I'm sure Piddy has enough on his plate, but if someone were so kind as to figure out the file structures, I'm sure that would open doors to Dirt2 support becoming a reality.
  7. dont know about your patterns about new games, more like, loved RBR years ago, but hate the graphics and lack of non rally racing (even though I love rally more than rallycross or buggies, etc, they are still fun) , Dirt 1 physics sucked arse, otherwise you would of seen this exact post 4 years ago... Dirt 2 is incredible, as is GRID, again not a sim, but a great mix of arcade and sim, and plain fun and gorgeous to look at. Dirt 2 has so few tracks and ones there are short, why we would love an editor!

    shame there arent more racing fan programmers out there considering Piddy has enough on his plate.
    this guy I believe is hacking the code, but not sure how far hes gotten, perhaps speak to him?

    again i dont care how this gets done, as long as it gets done, and if i must pay to play I will...
  8. considering how many years it has taken for BTB to get this far i think it would take many more for it to become usable for more complex game engines. even if piddy had the funding, the interest, and started right now i think it would be a few years in the making.
  9. argh, man why does everyone think just because a game has a more complex engine that its any harder to make a track?
    a track is simply polygons, with some variables, textures, etc, its alll the same, just maybe more of them. yes there may be a lil more complexity, but to model something, tell it to be a road, or a rock or water, etc is still basically the same.

    im no programer, but work in CGI for film, and know it isnt that much harder.

    were not asking him to mod the game or reprogram anything in game, where yes that will be alot more complex.
  10. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff

    The hardest bit regarding games, is coping with new file extensions. If its an unseen, or new one, chances are the company who made the film, made the software to read the files. Thats what causes problems.
  11. this is ignorance at best; it's like saying a car and a hammer are the same because they both contain iron. anyway, it doesn't matter, you've already said you're not a programmer so i suppose it's ok.

    there are mainly 5 things needed for this to became a reality:
    1. the game's file formats, all of them;
    2. the game's shaders' source code documented;
    3. a form of SDK to interface the game's engine for testing and debugging purposes;
    4. at least several months to code and test the exporter;
    5. a reasonable numbers of sells to cover the expenses and the time and eventually provide enough gain to actually make this an attractive project.

    and here is the bad news for you: none of the above conditions are currently satisfied; in fact there is only one party who has them all: codemasters themselves... so you better ask them.

    ps. the requirements at 1, 2 and 3 could be partially be obtained through reverse engineering but it will need alot more time, maybe even a couple of years to achieve viable results.
    and yes, lordpantsington was quite right about the "pattern" - every now and then there will be somebody who naively starts asking for editors hoping that somehow he will find a magic way to obtain more content for his preferred game - and the answer is always the same: ain't gonna happen, and the reason is also the same: corporate greed.