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Differnt User Same Machine

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by rayg1979, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Morning all,

    This is probably a stupid question but I have setup my son on my PC but when I try to pin F1 2012 to the start screen the game cant be found, The other games that are not used via steam are there but F1 2012 can not be found.

    How do I set it up so he can play f1 2012 under his profile as well?

  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I would guess that you would have to re-install Steam for all users rather than just on your account, assuming that the option available when installing Steam.

    Another way, on the basis that he has his own account on the PC, is to log in under his account, download and install Steam.

    Once you have logged into his Steam (using your credentials), you could then download and install F1 2012 to his Steam from the game list (with Steam set to display ALL GAMES)

    You would now have a double install, twice as many files. This would also open up all your Steam games to your son to install via Steam. Which could be a lot of data (doubled up on your hard drive), or access to a game you do not want him to play.

    Cheers :)
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  3. Thanks for the reply,

    If he uses my steam account will that not mean he will have my career etc? Seems strange the steam setup that its only available for one user, other games that I have installed that don't require steam are available under his PC account
  4. I think that you would have to disable Steam Cloud in order to prevent him from using your career.
  5. Can I create a steam account under his name and use the same key that came with the game? When I had a PS3 this was no problem as the same game can be used on a number of accounts but this seems a major flaw unless I'm missing something obvious here?

  6. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    No you cannot use the same key. That key is permanently assigned to the original account and cannot be transferred. nor used again

    Mateusz Najda - I thought he same as you at first. However with steam installed on a different user's account on the PC, it will surely have it's own folders linked to the user's account, so the son's user account files should be separate from the father's. So no need to disable the cloud.

    Having said that, it is recommended to disable the cloud for this game anyway, even Codemasters say that.
  7. Ok Thanks, How do I disable the cloud?

    So you think I should be OK if I just reinstall the game under my sons profile then and it should work and have separate game saves?

    Thanks for your help
  8. Right click on "F1 2012" in your Library/Properties/Updates/Untick "Enable synchronization with Steam Cloud for F1 2012". Just take note that it was translated by me so it may be slightly different in English version of Steam ;)
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