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Desire for Xbox 1 Forza 6 cockpit/motion simulator suggestions

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Mark burnstein, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. I'm in Michigan. Would like a set up that is optimized for using Xbox one Forza 6 , motion actuators, that allows comfort and realism. Pagnian next level GT ultimate cockpit v2 plus their motion platform vs the playseat sensation cockpits with the playseat motion platform are my choices, unless other options? Thrustmaster vs new Logitech g920?

    Looks like the motion platforms from playseat and Pagnian are for PC games, not with Xbox 1 Thanks
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  2. Console title's lack quality telemetry as apposed to the full blown PC sims like Assetto, Iracing, GSC, ect ect ect....Yes there are a few DIY rigs and a few Commercial rigs that will work with Consoles, but again the quality of the motion will greatly depend on the game and the software used. If you have enough $$ for a commercial motion rig, You have enough to invest in a Proper Gaming PC that will do 10X what a Xbox can even dream of.
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  3. FYI DIY motion (2dof balanced seat mover or Full frame) can be had for under 7-800$

    Again Not console compatible tho.
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  4. Yeah, I might have to broaden my search. But it seems that any of the commercial motion devices , since are mainly for pc, seem to be offered with either their owncockpit kits, like Playseat and Pagnian, or dbox with their partners like Vasero. any thoughts? thx
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