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Decided to give in and order new pedals

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Stelios, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. Stelios

    Premium Member

    Hello everyone, i have finally decided to get those ClubSport pedals V2 i always drooled at but i have something in my mind that yells at me dont do it.

    The Clubsport pedals V2 are in the market for about 2 years now i guess and seeing that Fanatec are constantly getting new products or add ons right now i am afraid that in a month or two they will bring up the Clubsport V3's or similar.

    Also i came across these,

    which look very professional for about 100usd more.

    What do you guys think, should i wait or get them anyways? Are there any other pedals out there in the range of 350€ that are worth getting instead?
  2. Heard a lot of good things about the Fanatec Clubsport pedals, but haven't tested them and I don't have any insight if or when the v3 version will hit the market. The Clutchpedal of the PT-1 should be similar in feel to the Heusinkveld' one, because of the spring-mechanism shown at 1:11 in the video.
    I've worked four years as a mechanic - done lathing, milling, assembly work myself and from the video the PT-1 looks very sturdy and like a serious piece of kit.

    So, if you're happy to spend the money, I'd say go for it.
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  3. I've already decided that my next purchase is going to be a set of the PT-1's. They look like really great pedals. Just those pedal faces look like they were made with clown shoes in mind! :D I'll probably have some Tilton style faces made up at the local metal shop, though.
  4. Stelios

    Premium Member

    The problem is, those PT-1 are going to be available in October or thereabouts...
  5. I don't think you can really go wrong with the Clubsport v2... I am still using my V1 and don't miss any feature of the v2 to be honest (tried the v2 once and didn't feel any "big" differences). Although it all depends on how much you use them or how serious you are about it. The CSP are known for faulty sensors and "weak" loadcells. I had one defective sensor in 3 years and I have spare loadcell just in case :). No one knows yet how reliable the PT1 are but they look really really good especially for that price which is right between the Clubsports and high end pedals...

    The Heusinkveld Pedals are probably the best you can get at the moment. The design, the feel and the service are all perfect. The Pro pedals start at 600Euro for throttle and brake only though. But these pedals are the only ones I would go for when looking for anything above Clubsports pedals at the moment.

    And there will be only 20 sets so my guess is you need to be lucky to order them in October...
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  6. Stelios

    Premium Member

    I know about the Heusinkveld's but my ceiling is at 350€ including shipping...

    I was wondering if there is any company making something similar to PT-1 's :)
  7. well, I think I'll go for the Heusinkveld pro pedals. i think they're really good and the vendor Niels is very helpfull and friendly. i also expect them to be way more reliable than fanatec...
  8. The Pt-1's look fantastic and I'd be very interested but I'm wondering if there is any chance to run them inverted. Also I'm wondering why they are charging a straight dollar to euro conversion of $379 = €379 per the FAQ but they also say thats if you purchase them 'in' Europe rather than 'in euro' which implies they have a base or distributor in the EU. Might drop them a mail for clarification.
  9. I wouldn't see why you wouldn't be able to mount them inverted. I don't see anything on them that depends on them being upright... But if you do send them an email asking, could you post the answer back here please?
  10. Hi Joao yep I'll drop them an email later today and reply back here when I get an answer,

    Re inverted mounting I'm not sure they would be as simple as a straight flip over as a spring barrel mechanism appears to jut out at the rear when the pedal is pressed so in an inverted setup it would hit the rigs base. I think you'd need a cut out in the base of your rig to allow for the barrel to travel through. Just a bit of drilling involved.
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  11. Cool, thank you. That makes it easier for everyone, just in case anyone else had the question and they happen to see this thread.

    Also- Looks like you're right. I didn't pay much attention to that, the rods in the rubber dampers/springs have to go somewhere... Though if that is the case, and they do interfere with anything, A little drilling and cutting is fine by me.
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  12. I really appreciate all of the kind words about our pedals. We wanted to make sure that our price point was such that as many people as possible could afford them.

    We don't compare ourselves to anything that Fanatec currently makes. Our pedals are in a different category. That's not to say they are better or worse, they are just different.

    We are currently beta testing, and will continue to do so throughout the summer. Once we know that beta testing has gone well with no serious complications, we'll be accepting pre-orders in the fall.

    We hope that you guys will continue to follow our progress, and we should have a few new videos within a few weeks. These videos will showcase every single adjustment you can make to each pedal individually. The videos will be quite lengthy and extremely thorough. We hope you'll enjoy them ;)

    Chris Smith - Co-Founder - ProtoSimTech
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  13. That's fantastic! I really appreciate when companies go in-depth about their products. It genuinely makes me more comfortable deciding on a purchase. Can't wait to watch, and eventually pick up a set. They look like really nice pedals, keep up the great work. :thumbsup:
  14. Just to clarify, we are still looking into the best way to do things for those of you in the EU. There are so many different factors that make up a final price for those in Europe that it's tough to explain them all.

    So, to give you a little bit of info, we are currently looking into a way to reduce the overall price enough so that VAT's do not increase our prices beyond reason. Again, we're still looking into this, and it's very complicated. If we have any updates on this, we'll list them on our FAQ page. I really should edit that page to make sure that it's a little clearer.

    I certainly do apologize for the confusion.

    Chris Smith - Co-Founder - ProtoSimTech
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  15. Thanks! We're doing our best to give you as much access to our process as we possibly can.

    While this is true, once the first 20 have been shipped out, we'll be opening up for pre-orders for another batch. In our press release, we mentioned that the next batch will likely be 20 as well. I probably should clarify that this may not be the case. Once we know how long it takes to make the batch of 20, we'll have a better idea how long it will take to make more than 20.

    So, if we can increase the batch numbers, we will do everything in our power to do so. We hope you understand and bare with us as we are just starting out. It's going to take some time to get into the rhythm of things.

    Chris Smith - Co-Founder - ProtoSimTech

    EDIT: I really am sorry that I did not find this thread sooner. Being a premium member here, I should have known better...
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  16. Cheers for the reply and info update Chris. No apologies necessary. Its not easy for a small company to navigate the EU market BS unless your a banker in which case its a free for all. Will keep an eye on your website for any further updates. Dying to get my hands (or feet) on these. Just wondering if they can be inverted out of the box or if there will be additional mounting plates available to accomplish this?

    Good to hear there will be more after the initial run of 20 but just to the community at large as a public service health warning if you guys take all the 20 pre-orders before I get my order in....

    Liam Neeson. I will kill you.jpg

    Just kidding of course. I already know were to find you. :) (I had to use a smiley face emoji as there were no psychopathic sim racer emojis available).
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  17. And even if you use a smilie someone will come along and dislike your post simply because there's quite a few people here with ZERO sense of humor. :O_o:
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  18. You can invert them out of the box, yes. You can even invert just one, or two, or all of them at the same time. Of course, you'll have to come up with your own mounting solution, unfortunately. We are looking into making a stand that will allow you to move the pedals to a number of different positions to suit your needs.

    However, this stand will not be released at launch. We're still working out the details.

    We'll keep you updated on that ;)
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