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Tracks Death Race 0.1

drive the ultimate prison race for your freedom

  1. Nobby76 submitted a new resource:

    Death Race - drive the ultimate prison race for your freedom

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  2. Amazing work for a scratch made track. Keep up the good work and ty for sharing it!
  3. Haha, will give it a try, thanks for your effort:thumbsup:
  4. just because 317 downloaded it doesn't mean the like it. Its great that you made this track from scratch. But why this track. there are so many others you can make.
  5. This one inspired him, don't shoot the artist, peace:)
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  6. Two suggestions:
    -When entering the warehouse the car slows like entering the pits, you should fix this
    -The track is too narrow and short so eliminates the fun factor, keep that in mind for the next one you will create;)

    Good first try, I wish I had the time to try creating my own one:rolleyes:
  7. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur
    AC Addict

    First congratulation for creating a track from scratch and sharing it with us.
    You have also my admiration for originality of content, very refreshing to see someone trying something different.
    This is a SIM world, no limits but our own imagination, does not have to be 100% serious and 100% accurate all the time.
    Well done sir, I think you are a trail blazer, I hope more follow your lead.:D
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  8. thanks for the kind words guys, it's much appreciated.

    @CrazzzyCannnuk the track is EXACTLY the right size. its the same size as the movie and its the same size as the REAL roads in the real location. It isn't supposed to be an easy race. its "DEATHRACE" for goodness sake, not "PUSSYDRIVE"

    Heres an idea. you clearly do not like the track, so leave this thread.
    Im not interested in what you think is wrong with the track, I like the track and to be perfectly honest thats all i care about. i didnt make this to please others i made this to please me. then as an act of kindness i released it to the public. but this wasnt made for the public this was made for me alone.
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  9. i found i was missing a lot of textures, particularly the gravel beside the road appeared black. Also was an issue with the lap timing, i got one lap at 6 seconds.
    I understand why people are complaining about the shortness of the track, as it only takes 49 seconds in the f458, so if it was realistic, the movie would have been very short! Don't take their criticism to heart, it's still an interesting track.
  10. i dont take it to heart :) it just bugs me when people moan when getting free stuff.

    Not really sure about the timings, i never had any issues with it when testing it after finishing it or while i was creating the AI line.
    The gravel on the side of the road is quite dark anyway, much darker than the road, but there is no reason why it should just miss a texture out for you when it is packaged into the track? i know it all got packed right, because the screen shots i took show the textures loaded and i uploaded the exact same track files as i have sat in my game directory, so im not really sure why that texture is missing for you, its included, but your game just doesnt seem to load it. ??
    Also bare in mind this was my first track, lots of things were not optimised, so it could just be throwing a spaz for no good reason.. :D

    And yes lol they had to do some Very creative camera angles in the movie to make the track seem bigger than it was.
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