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Misc DATA PreFix for some Mod Car´s 1.01

DATA PreFix for some Mod Car´s

  1. Thanks mate. well done and very quick to come to RD. I had no issues installing and the cars worked perfectly.
  2. I only had the C6 and Camaro GT3, the C6 is good, the Camaro will only run solo??
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2015
  3. FYI don't use the entries for URD content, you will get a server mismatch if Server is running latest version.

    Suggest update this with latest version ;)
  4. Aston Lola B0960 not work for me :(
  5. urd_egt_darche & aston_lola_b0960 have a problem. I cant fix .. :(
  6. sorry what does this fix what are the cars on bottom half of list
    thanks. xGTx
  7. rocafella1978


    what does this mod/fix do???
  8. I'm also curious as to what it is as it includes both pay mods and IER's mods...neither of which are okay to redistribute (nor are any of the others really) without permission.
  9. rocafella1978


    have not been able to find out, since only "data.acd" are included...???