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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by rizzee, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. HEYguys how the hell do i get dasmeter pro to work..i need to know the easiest way please never had so much trouble with with an app before...i do not understand what the hell the instructions are saying to me lol.http://www.sensadigit.com/installation
  2. i run the program it brings up that cmd thing but it wont let me type in it if thats even anything to do with it
  3. Edit the "preferences.ini" file and enter the IP address of your Android device also do not know where to find this
  4. Dashmeter is working like a charme since the first day I used it. :)
    To find out the IP Adress of your Android device go to Settings ---> Wi-Fi
    Then you enter the Dashmeter Folder on your Computer and open the preferences.ini with the editor software. Inside the ini file you find an IP Adress as placeholder. Just put your IP Adress there and save the file.
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  5. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer
    Premium Member

    Its been a while since i used this app so i am a little rusty but should remember enough to get you started.

    I take it you have downloaded the zip file that you need for the PC side of the app. If you have then unzip it and you should then see two files inside the folder. One will be the program and the other will be a settings file. Open the settings file, should open with note pad just fine, and a few lines down you will see an IP address listed. Its the first one you need to edit so it matches your android device address.

    To find out the IP address your device is using open the app on Android device and then go to the settings menu and scroll all the way down to the bottom and hit the help option. Simply scroll down until you see the IP address that is listed in the box that appears and then make a note of the IP address and then enter that in the program settings file on your PC and save.

    Then fire up the PC program in the same folder folder as the settings file you just edited and saved and re start the app on Android device and the two should after a few seconds start talking to each other. Then fire up your sim and see if its working ok.

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  6. got it working and thank you sir your instructions are much better than the ones on dashmeter site...cheers.
  7. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer
    Premium Member

    Nice one glad i was of some help mate.

  8. James Cook

    James Cook
    Marcas fan

    It's also worth setting up a static IP on your Android device. It's very easy to do, a quick Google will show you how.