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Darin Gangi quits/fired from Fanatec?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by David Ignjatovic, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. As he said on TWISR....so any gossip as to the falling out?
  2. I'm interested to find out the story with this as well. Found a mention on another forum of an open spat between them on a thread on the iRacing.com forum but I'm not a member so can't read it. Here's the link for anyone who can and feels like reporting back!

  3. What I'm curious about is whether it had something to do with the business model or a personal spat.....but judging by the comments on TWISR, it "sounds" like Fanatec will still cooperate with them.
  4. I find the whole thing a bit intriguing. I didn't think anything of it when Thomas posted the announcement, but Darin's bit on TWISR is obviously in no way reserved or diplomatic.

    All else aside I can't see Fanatec not working with ISR anymore as ISR has a large presence in the community as a source of product info. This important in an industry where your customers need to part with large amounts of cash for products that they have very little access to in the flesh before purchase.

    I just hope that they can remain amicable in both directions with Endor being impartial by continuing to provide goods access to products for review and ISR being impartial in their reviews of Endor products.
  5. Yep, but with Darin's comment on TWISR to Thomas of "get over it".....makes it sound like Darin felt it was a personality clash on the part of Thomas.
    I'm curious for a number of reasons, but I also wonder if Fanatec are growing too fast, Darin realized this and that was the source of the problem, ie, if Darin knew there were still going to be scores of complaints related to build quality/customer service, he might worry about having to paint a rosy picture of the new Fanatec model and then have numerous upset people on ytube and the forums, including his own forum....
  6. I know of one guy that also had his problems with Darin. Seems like he´s not the best person to work with.
  7. Wouldnt suprise me if Darin he some sort of "fight" with someone.
    He really has a attitude problem. We saw that alot on different forums. But awell i dont really care really. :p
    Didnt watched a show of them for about 2 years. :)
  8. U mean like a fist fight, that'd be epic, Thomas vs gagni......or The Terminator vs The Italian Stallion.
  9. To be honest I was a little surprised that Darin said anything on the show and then left it in after the edit. I think most people with decorum wouldn't air their business publicly like that.
    ... Well maybe not on this side of the Atlantic.
  10. What? Gangi have another internet meltdown? haha. No surprise there. Hopefully it's true for Fanatec's sake. I sold my CSPs as soon as I found out he was associated with them and swore I'd never buy another of their products as long as he was. I'm not sure if I'd buy a product from them in future but at least if Gangi has parted ways, I would add them to the possibilities.
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