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Damn!... AMS is good.

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Terry Rock, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. I just did my first on-line laps since purchasing AMS.
    I took the vintage F1 car out to Johannesburg. What a blast!
    There was no warping...just 'fluid' solid gameplay.
    With the Steam default set to show ALL servers, only two locked ones would ever display.
    While playing around with filter settings, I selected Automobilista and the list populated fully.
    Do you realize that Reiza is delivering (for those of us who've been here for a while) what the West Brothers were proposing years ago?
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  2. Alexandre Costa

    Alexandre Costa
    Premium Member

    Tottaly agree. And it's geting even better. Can't wait for the next DLC's.
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  3. Matt88

    Team Manager and Driver - MK Simsport Premium Member

    It is absolutely awesome. FYI you can look for servers in game now via the multi-player button on home screen
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  4. Thanks Matt88...I'd missed that.

    Reiza Studios have done something amazing with this sim.
    You only have to go as far as inducing a mid-corner slide and start correcting... to see what I'm talking about.
    The cars I've driven to date do exactly what it's real counterpart does.
    I've never driven any other sim which offers a more complete 1:1 match overall than AMS does ...none ....and I've driven them all except for Iracing.
    With the exception of GPL most sims...(even the modern mainstream ones) all seem to get vintage cars completely wrong.
    The excuse used over the years for extremely poor handling, braking etc... was always the same, "Those cars used older technology in tires, brakes etc.."
    While some of that is indeed true as it relates to today's race cars, I can tell you first-hand having driven a few, they were not 'wallowing' pigs and most stopped quite well.
    Reiza seems to have understood that and it is reflected across all the cars I've tried so far in their vintage line-up.
    Thanks for doing old race cars justice for only the second time in simracing.
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  5. Just jumped on the bandwagon...so far so good. Got it mainly to see what it was like and for the vintage F1, Super V8's and carts. My short test stint in a Mini was very good, the F Vintage great ( I'll be doing a lot of this!) and the Super Trucks a lot of fun. Defaults all round with a DFGT, no problems at all. The graphics are a bit old school, but I still have Race 07, GTR2 and Power and Glory on my PC, so thats not a big deal. Might play with SweetFX a bit. See you in the gravel trap!
  6. The fine sense of control at the limit and the ability to wrestle it back under control is something I cannot get in any other sim quite like this one.
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  7. tpw


    You owe it to yourself to try a few SweetFx presets, most of them address the oversaturation which is a very common source of complaint . I highly recommend smove's preset which removes the saturation, warms the image slightly, and adds a vignette for depth / helmet feeling. Also, try running 4x multisampling and 2x spare grid supersampling which should give really nice jaggie
    free visuals.

    I'll keep a spot for you next to me in the gravel!
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  8. The driving feel is very good, also the different cars and tracks....Opala 86 at Londrina, Formula Classic at Interlagos 1980, Montanas at Cordoba...great variety and lots of fun. Good value, I'd say. Just scratching the surface........
  9. More advance ffb than rfactor, the physics engine is optimized and easier for the developers get a very good simulation, very good graphics for what requires of the hardware, very good sound, the secret is probably that Reiza team are all guys that are working in gmotor for so long! Like P*Funk said, is that feeling when driving in the limit, you feel what is going on "beneath" you, but it requires practice, getting used to the ffb and setup everthing the right way, ffb, pedals sensibility, etc... I was a big fan of rbr ngp physics for dirt, but since the mitsunishi for rx come out, I forgot every thing else, best feeling I ever got driving on dirt, and right now, ams is the only racing game I play. I wish reiza did just two rally cars and two stages, one tarmac, one dirt, it could get a lot of rally fans! oh and of course dinamic weather...
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  10. You are 100% correct in this statement.
    Every other modern sim I've tried to date has gotten this wrong.
    While I like many of the things they do get right, this inability...(after so many attempts)... to re-create a car without the 'crazy' knife-edged resistance to corrections is a bit alarming.
    If you 'jump' into the throttle mid-corner in any performance car in AMS allowing it to break traction, the car responds just as it does in the full-sized version.
    Correcting the resulting oversteer or understeer which results, does not have the usual negative switch-like characteristic found in most sims.
    You can actually turn into the slide...(in the case of oversteer) or gradually ease out of the throttle in understeer....then micro-steer to correct much as you would normally.
    Most others have a tendency for the car to immediately swap ends...even with the correct inputs and the car nowhere near that limit.
    It's as if once the car starts to slide, the tires turn immediately to wood...then back to the most 'grippy' rubber once the max angle is reached.
    Some of the other sim will even go as far as to snap-oversteer to the opposite direction...while minute corrections are being input.
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