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Featured Dakar 2015: Stage 1 (Buenos Aires - Villa Carlos Paz)

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by Bram, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It's that time of the year again where rally fans from all over the world are looking forward to. The Dakar rally has started!

    On RaceDepartment will try to keep you up to date daily with the latest developments about the mother of rally raids.

    An armada of cars, motorbikes, trucks, quads and other vehicles on wheels started the 2015 edition of Dakar in Buenos Aires, Argentina yesterday for the first stage that bring all the contestants to the finish at Villa Carlos Paz.

    All Dakar 2015 videos can viewed in our Motorsports Gallery

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  2. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
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  3. Yuri

    Yuri 'I get custom nicknames' Kasdorp Premium Member

    I was hoping something on rF2 on Dakar after they made those quads on dirt tracks with jumps :(