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Custom Skin

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Nick Brooke, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I have just started playing this game today and with some wonderful help from Stuart i will be all set to play later when i get home. I have a question which i did ask Stuart about and he told me to post here and see what happened.

    I was wondering if anyone here knew of anywhere i could get a custom skin made for the E-TYpe jag within GTL, The reason is my deceased dad had a v12 E-Type which i loved and to be able to race it here would be wonderful.

    The paint work was ( Wait For It ) Zebra Stripped lol. Well this was due to the car being bought a very long time ago from the owner of Longleat Saffari Park and was used to drive around the park.

    Anyway i apologise for asking but if there is somewhere i could go and ask for a custom skin to be made please let me know. I hope i have not broken any forum rules in asking this question.

    This is as close as i could find to the paint job


    Thanks Nick
  2. Nick, can't promise when I will get it done, quite a lot on at the moment but I will give it a go. Do you want any sponsers on it and also would you like a racing number? Another question, which e-type would you like, coupe or lightweight?

    Nick, just send me a pm with all the details as I don't check this side of the forum sometimes.
  3. Thanks mate PM sent