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Custom MP Game With Friends

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Harry Sohal, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Good Afternoon,

    A couple of mates on steam bought the sim after I told them how awesome the physics were however we're struggling to find some good mp. Is there anyway to make a lobby and have a custom p2p race (like in project cars)?

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  2. Man that looks like a mission to set up.
  3. Tommi Saari

    Tommi Saari
    Moving chicane Premium

    Join RD club races. Best bang for the buck for sure.
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  4. Thanks but thing is none of those guys are at the level yet, especially to have 10-20 laps of clean racing.

    I seriously don't understand how any developer would think it's okay not have an in game giu to setup custom races with friends online.
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  5. The instructions are only complicated cause they're covering the entire set of features, if you just want to run a quick server the points are
    * set up port forwarding on your router (tcp/udp 9600, tcp 8081)
    * use the acservermanager.exe to select server name, admin password, cars/track, session times (or use stored presets)
    * click 'start server'

    Having it on a barebones independent UI means they can add features to it more easily since the servermanager's a relatively recent update (1.2 I think?).
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  6. Harry, it's not a mission. With a little effort you can achieve anything so get to it :thumbsup:. 1. Log in to your router (if you don't know how to do that you can post what router you have and we can help you, or alternatively call your internet service provider and ask how to log in to your router) 2. Forward 2 ports (In my case UDP port is 9876 and my TCP is 9678) after that's done, you just set the same ports in the AC server manager located in your steamapps/common/assettocorsa/server and change all the settings to your liking.

    Example of forwarded ports from my router
  7. Thanks, that sounds more reasonable.

    A few questions:
    - Would there be any disadvantage to leaving the ports permanently forwarded on my router? :8080, 8081, and 8082 are currently being used by other programs I believe.
    - Does the server affect performance much?
    - How do I stop the server once we're done?
  8. A to Q 1 - No, there's no disadvantage. I guess you're talking about the HTTP port, you don't need to forward that one, just the UDP and TCP .
    A to Q 2 - No, it doesn't affect performance from my experience. I hosted a 12 player server before on the same machine and on wireless (i7 2700k @ 4.5Ghz, 12GB of RAM, GTX 970) and had no problems.
    A to Q 3 - In the server manager you will see a green button labeled "Start server", once everything is set and you click it, it will start the server for you. When you're done you click the red x next to the green button.

    Hope that answers your questions.
  9. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    The green button never works for me, I always have to start it manually though the acserver.exe
    But I can configure everything on server manager though.
  10. William Wester

    William Wester

    8080, 8081, and 8082 - these are non-standard or "non-typical" TCP ports. Standard HTTP/S traffic (web browsing) use ports 80/443. It's hard to say what would have opened those ports, and don't know your router. These would not be opened on a standard corporate firewall by default. I've used/defined these many times for LAN (internal network) web servers but in this case I'm opening local computer firewall ports to allow the traffic through, not on the WAN (Internet) router/firewall for public traffic to come into my network.
    As for advantages or performance, these are just like doors into your network. If closed the service that is using them won't work at all, but if opened and not being used by a service then no advantage either.
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  11. Colin Tuck

    Colin Tuck

    I am also looking to do exactly this - set up a local server for a friend and I to race when he comes over on saturday with his PC. If I have the server on my machine (I5 quad core 8gb gtx 970) do I need to run the loopback adapter?
  12. William Wester

    William Wester

    Basically, you would access the AC server locally by it's LAN IP address and port. Remotely, your friends would need your "public" address (your routers' PUBLIC address) and the port your AC server is monitoring. After your router in configured (ports opened and traffic directed to LAN IP) it will forward traffic from the WAN to your LAN AC server.
    I can't see any reason for a loop-back adapter for this purpose but I'm not familiar with setting up an Assetto Corsa multiplayer server. My comments are related to general networking.
  13. Colin Tuck

    Colin Tuck

    I have now been able to create a server machine. when it worked I actually could not believe how easy it was. This video helped
  14. Sorry for the late reply, was caught up in some real life stuff.

    The video Mr Colin Tuck posted looks simple enough. I was following that however he puts in the HTTP ports too. I am currently using 8080-8082 for content downloading (another service). Can I just use 9091 or something instead?

    Also what do I put in protocol?
  15. William Wester

    William Wester

  16. upload_2015-11-21_13-54-9.png
    So in the router port forwarding section, I'd put one row of 9600 with Protocol "Both" and just change the HTTP port in the server manager to 9091?
  17. William Wester

    William Wester

    I'm not familiar with setting AC up but if it needs a UDP and "two" TCP ports, changing the HTTP port to your 9091 should work fine. If 9600 is not used by anything else I would just follow the suggestion in the video.
  18. Got it to work, thanks guys.

    Once you get the port forwarding set up, its pretty self explanatory. Would be cool if they had inbuilt p2p or something though.