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Misc CTF Files for Ferrari and Red Bull 1.0

More-faithful-to-real-life car performances in Qs & Rs 4 Red Bull & Ferrari

  1. Salut Gilles submitted a new resource:

    F1 2013 CTF files 4 Ferrari & Red Bull SWAP. - More-faithful-to-real-life car performances in Qs & Rs 4 Red Bull & Ferrari

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  2. I'm not very knowledgeable on modding stuff from a technical point of a view but wouldn't it be more realistic to have Red Bull in their own tier (as in the only tier 1 team or whatever) with Merc, Ferrari and Lotus as tier 2 etc.
  3. Well, I'm not knowledgeable on those 'tier' stuff also. Sorry for the non-answer.

    All I know is, I want a game that will make it as close as possible to real-life (without exagerated tyre wear like the silly default settings, which I of course modded 2, thanks to this RD communitiy).

    As an example, I was having real problems with never having Vettel starting in pole at Montréal (I drive as Alonso). All I know is, since I've done this file swap, he's on pole 90% of all Race Only I play there, in 100% races.

    So I thought, maybe to share this trick here, with people who would like the same. ;)
  4. More on this, why I thought of doing this swappy stuff was because, driving as Alonso, I had too many races where MASSA was starting in pole position (he never had even ONE this year, although it's not over yet), and me in P4, P5, or P6, and sometimes Vettel either behind, or always in P3, P4, or P5 (depending of where I was).

    So I thought to myself "what if I swapped fe2.ctf with rb2.ctf, would Vettel start on pole and not Massa?"

    So I tried it, and it worked (for me). :sneaky:
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  5. I understand, I also found the ferrari's being faster/infront of the red bulls most of the time. ;)

    It seems like they overstated ferrari tbh, since I'd say the mercs have been faster than them all year.
  6. Curious - I find that (having just finished Abu Dhabi in career) Vettel is almost always at the front. Lowest I think I've seen him was 5th or so. Alonso occasionally gets 3rd, but usually 4th-7th. Perhaps one of the patches changed this..........:O_o:
  7. Yes, since it's well known that codies there always set their game's data based on a few of the earliest Grand Prix. If I remember well, the Ferrari's (well, Alonso's) were just a little bit faster than the rest at that time, but both the mercs, Iceman & (recently) Grosjean, and Vettel quickly filled the gap. All those improvements aren't taken into account in this game. :cry:

    It would be nice to have a balanced paddock, but it's too much work for them. They have the reputation of being lazy and easily distracted.
  8. I don't know about Career since I haven't tested it yet. I think this very simple mod works well (for me) in Race Only (Championship mode). If it doesn't work in Career, it's easy to remove this mod (either just swap the two files back to their original filenames & respective folders, or just copy the original backup files that are provided in this mod).