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CST Pedal Review

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Will Currington, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. I've posted this twice as I thought it would get lost in the CST forum and it might help some with there decision on whether to buy or not.

    CST Pedals Review

    This review covers the CST3-R with the Stiff Brake Upgrade, I also had the large brake pedal face added as one of my favourite forms of motorsport is Aussie V8 Supercars. I’ve been sim racing on the pc for about 6 years, before that a PS console racer and have owned nearly every mid priced wheel & pedal set sold, everything from a Jordan F1 wheel to a Logitech G27, including a set of Fanatec Clubsports. I’ve modded nearly every set I’ve owned as the brake was always a letdown, that ended today.

    I opened the box to be met by huge mass of polystyrene squiggles, carefully I removed the heavily bubble wrapped package from the box and unwrapped about 10 layers of bubble wrap. So no worries with how they where packed. Still finding stray bits of packing now, warning it goes everywhere no matter how careful you are.

    The CST pedals themselves are a work of art, solid steel, beautifully powder coated and bulletproof build quality with big fat shiny springs. I had the stiff brake upgrade as I wanted a firm brake and with some adjustment of the preload spring the feel I now have is amazing.

    All of the pedals can be adjusted with both pedal face depth and width being a fairly simple operation. Undoing a nut for the depth and loosening the collars on the rods for spacing. Preload on the pedals can also be fully adjusted by tightening/loosening the nut at the back of the brass washer, again a simple operation. Adjusting the throw on the clutch/throttle is slightly more involved, but still fairly simple.

    In the pics I had the pedals mounted completely straight I’ve since angled the back down so I’m pressing down more than away, this has given me even better feel with the brake. The brake uses a 30kg load cell, a 60kg is available as a High Pressure upgrade and as previously mentioned I had the stiff brake upgrade added which makes the pedal itself harder to press with less travel simulating a real race car.

    So cockpit done (Had to make new front end as previous was 4mm to narrow) and pedals attached, I fired up the pc and did the calibration. This, when you first read it in the manual sounds confusing, once you start doing though it’s not that hard. Calibrating the clutch/throttle are the same with only a slight difference to doing the brake.
    10mins later and I fire up rFactor, program the pedal inputs and hit the track. Leave the pits and floor it heading to my first corner, hit the brakes and a huge smile breaks across my face, OMG these things are amazing I hit the limit of traction and just backed off the pressure slightly and my car slowed up so quick I did a mirror, signal, manoeuvre round the corner, oops these thing are going to take a bit of getting used to as braking is so improved. Hitting full lock up and then releasing slightly to get max speed degradation is a lot easier with these than any other pedal set I have ever used.

    It hasn’t made me quicker (yet) over a single lap but has given me a consistency over a race distance that before I could only dream of and a confidence in the virtual car I’m driving like never before. Paired up with my DIY BMW sequential shifter, G27 wheel and Eyefinity set up I think I’ve found sim racing nirvana and haven’t smiled so much sim racing in ages.
    · Build Quality
    · Load Cell Brake
    · Upgrade Options
    · Easy to Adjust
    · Great Customer Support
    · Best Pedals I’ve Owned

    · The only con I have is that the rods that go across slightly flex when you brake, you don’t notice it when racing but you can see it.

    So do I recommend these, you bet I do, would I recommend dealing with Todd at CST definitely. If you’ve been thinking about getting these hit the order button, you won’t regret it.

  2. Thanks for the in-depth info, Will. The only question after reading through it is, do you think that the cost of the CST's might fit into the Cons category? I've always thought they looked really sweet and I know there are a lot of excellent reviews on them, but their prices imo are steep...certainly out of my price range. Not saying they're not worth the money, but just wondered what you thought about it.
  3. I know that they are pricey but I should never have to worry about pedals ever again with the way these things are built. For me they where 3 x the price of the Clubsports, and are 10 x better. So IMHO they are worth every single penny.
  4. They sound nice... I am having no end of problems calibrating my g27 peddles for iracing... hmmm...
    Thanks for the info there Will.
    Eyfinity rox eh? You dont understand till you drive it do you?
  5. Had Eyefinity for about a year and yes it certainly does rock. Had to give up GTR2 and move to rFactor because the triplescreen support in GTR2 was crap and I suffer Evo, but hate the dull FFB compared to rFactor. Adding Todds CST Pedals has just completed the immersion factor.
  6. Nice review thanks Will :)

    Expensive, but no doubting the quality, not 100% sure there 100x better than Fanatecs CSP's lol but for sure an ultimate pedal set, bet your lovin em :)

    I also took the plunge today and ordered my 6970 eyefinity card :O
  7. Oops.... edited, was supposed to be 10 not 100..... Late night posting is never good....lol
  8. i wonder if the leo bodnar usb adaptor would help with that. http://www.leobodnar.com/products/DFPG25conn/
  9. Nigel, I dont know on that one. Do you have this? Anyone?
    But thanks for pointing it out I will look into it.
  10. i used to use one on my G27 & overall it makes the pedals more responsive & as it uses its own usb port may sort your current problem.
  11. Cool thanks Nigel.
  12. Finally saved up and in the market to purchase some CSTs soon. Without adding on with upgrades, as I've heard the Stiffer brake upgrade and wider brake pedal are better, which is something I definitely am interested in but might be out of my budget for this. Most likely will go with the CST-3B. And will get the Obutto mounts that Todd has for them. Are the stock CST pedals worth it? And would be considered an upgrade from the CSPs?

    Here are some pics that were on the iRacing forums showing how they would mount to the Obutto.

  13. Yes yes and yes, get the stiff brake upgrade at least Will.