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CSR Elite Wheel & GSC

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by djt, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. djt


    I’m using a CSR Elite Wheel and pedals and still have not been able to get anything that even resembles the excellent feedback that I’m getting in iRacing with GSC.

    Is anyone here using a CSR Elite Wheel with GSC and if so with what settings?
  2. I am using fanatec CSR + clubsport pedal + CSR shifter set, firmware 750b and driver 140.​
    Custom wheel setting in game, based on g27 profile. 100 -negative FF, FF full;​
    10% brake deadzone(cell brake);​
    Setting wheel rotation to 540 degrees
    Wheel settings:​
    sen 540​
    sho 100​
    drif off​
    abs 86​
    lin 0​
    dea 0​
    spr 0 or + 2​
    dpr 0 or -2 or +2​
    For Stock and Mini, Sen 300 to formulas(open wheel).​
  3. djt


    Thanks for the response, I’ll give you’re settings a try.