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Misc Created Equal 1.0

Equal Car Performance for Career Mode

  1. TheFlamingRed submitted a new resource:

    Created Equal - Equal Car Performance for Career Mode

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  2. I Want More Grip What I Will Change ? MaxGrip Value ?
  3. Oddly, I cannot see anything in TyreCompoinds which reflects grip. Wear, defiantly but not grip. There is a set of vertices for tyre temperature to grip - maybe you could alter those all (to some above 1) though I have no idea how well that will work.

    Increase grip is not something I am looking into. I am more interested in
    1. Determining if the Blistering Simulation is working, and if not, get it to work.
    2. Making it harder to keep tyres at optimal temperature (cooler if not worked enough and on out laps, hotter if overspun).
    3. Maybe - JUST maybe, wear rates. I am initially quite happy with the wear model for now, so it's not on my immediate radar. BUT - I would really enjoy it if I can find a way to have different teams have slightly different tyre wear rates (if that isn't already included - it may well be)
  4. Expert i finished 1th. ultimate i finished 9th, i need more grip
  5. ... Surely then the game is working as intended regarding difficulty? The last F1 games I played properly before 2016 was 2010 and 2011 - and I was trying very hard to make the difficulty harder (or handicapping myself by playing on auto gears). I'm loving the fact that there's a difficulty level I currently don't compete at all in, as its a nice carrot to chase as I get more experience with the game. So Improving Grip levels isn't something I am interested in modding.
  6. In Ultimate i can't complete tirewear test and qualification program
  7. Which is good.for a balanced perspective. If you max out everything, you can upgrade your car completely within two seasons, which in a Manor normally puts you above a Merc - making people believe that rnd is overpowered somewhat. When really its tied to the difficulty quite nicely.
  8. I want
    - Front and rear tires
    - difference
    - Car weight
    - More gas flow
    - More Downforce
    Can You Make ?
  9. Your car already has front and rear tyres.

    I have no idea what you mean by difference.

    I assume you mean less car weight?

    I have a mod coming out called Not Created Equal, which does increase gas flow, and randomizes downforce and car weight (as well as drag and weight) a little in order to close down the differences between cars and selecting which ones are front runners and which are not.

    Balance wise, I wouldn't want to Blanket Increase or Decrease anything - it'll unbalance the cars.
    In addition, if I increase down force for you, it'll increase it for all other cars too. You'll have no advantage.
  10. He is just asking you to make f1 2016 performance posted here that with that mod it does not save any progress
  11. With This Mod I Don't Feeling Any Changes. Make Other Mod Better Of This, If You Can specially For Me Pls. :)
  12. This mod only changes your back marker cars to handle like the Mercedes. Drive a vanilla Manor and then a Modded Manor, and you will be able to feel the decrease in under steer.

    In terms of performances from the AI, nothing changes too much in my mod. The drivers in the back marker cars, are simply not as fast as the Hamiltons and Vettles - even in equal machines. It should however, close the gaps up a little bit.

    I am already working on another mod which randomises the performance of cars a little more - and after that's out and big tested and patched and expanded, my main concentration will be adding in higher chances of malfunctions, and thinning optimal temperatures.

    I really only did this mod as it was a request which involved me 'copy and pasting' Merc stats into 10 other files, and took less then twenty minutes.

    Other then bugfixes (I already believe - having mostly made my next mod - that there is going to be a severe bug when a certain AI Car upgrades something In this mod. - I am waiting for someone to yell at me that their game is broken before I begin 'fixing what isn't broken') I don't really see any potential in this mod development wise.
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  13. .
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