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Created Equal 1.0

Equal Car Performance for Career Mode

  1. TheFlamingRed
    Requested by Ali Kidd

    These files set each car to have the same initial handling and performance characteristics as the Mercedes Car for Career Mode.

    Interestingly, despite each car being equal, the game has programmed within it some AI features. You will be able to tell when looking at video feeds of other cars, that the higher echelon racers are still able to find time that the rookies cannot find at all. Therefore, this doesn't initially randomise the grid orders like some may think. Expect your Hamiltons, Rosburgs, Vettles, Ricardos to still be the main contenders in Practice, Quali and Race.

    Having tested it, it appears to be working as expected. - although you may not see much difference in terms of Drivers Standings. As a final test, I made Manor's Car to have a significantly reduced Chassis Weight - and in response they both were in the top two all weekend. What this shows, is that your native Manor Drivers, are not so good when they have equal cars.

    If you wanted your Driver's to be equal as well, then that is the topic for a different mod - probably only possible if we can have access to the main values database.

    // Then, drop "asset_groups" folder in the install directory of F12016
    // Be sure to insert the original files before playing online. This is for single player mode only.

    Known Issues

    // RnD screens and Team Expectations will act as if cars are Vanilla. As of writing, there is no known workaround.If you can think of one, please let us know.
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